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Why are Interview Scorecards Important?

Kelly Barcelos on June 15, 2021 in Glossary

What is an Interview Scorecard?

An interview scorecard is a standardized method of evaluating your candidates during their interviews. It provides you with a consistent method for candidate assessment. It ensures that you follow a uniform rating methodology and thus, ensures you rate your candidates on the same criteria.

Interview scorecards are the most effective medium for capturing the feedback of your hiring team. It presents you the thoughts of your team regarding the candidates in a consolidated manner. You can also easily access your team’s feedback and make informed hiring decisions.

How to Use an Interview Scorecard Efficiently?

Interview scorecards are the most important aspect of any interviewing process. It helps in maintaining a standard candidate evaluation criterion for the interview process of every job opening.

An interview scorecard works wonders for your entire interviewing process. For every job opening, you need to set some review criteria according to your job requirements. At the time of conducting interviews, each interviewer can fill in his/her ratings for each criterion for the candidate in this scorecard. In addition to the ratings, you can also share your feedback in the form of textual comments. Furthermore, you can also add your notes on the candidate profiles. Once the entire team finishes rating the candidates, you can compare your reviews and identify the best-fit candidate.

What are The Advantages of Using an Interview Scorecard?

Here are a few advantages of using an interview scorecard for your interviewing strategy.

  1. Interview scorecards help in reducing interview bias.

    The interviewing process can get biased especially if you are interviewing someone you know personally. An interview scorecard offers you a medium to keep bias out of your interviewing process. It also helps in making your interviews fairer. As you rate all your candidates on common criteria, you are making your interview process uniform for your candidates.

  2. It provides a standard for candidate evaluation.

    Interview scorecards provide a standard for candidate evaluation. It also serves as a guide for the interviewers to ask similar questions to your candidates. Thus, it helps you in scoring your candidates more consistently. Additionally, the reviews are showcased in an intuitive scorecard along with an average rating.

  3. It helps you understand your job requirements better.

    Having your job requirements clearly stated in your job descriptions will help you and your team understand what kind of candidates you are looking for in your open roles. You can also define your review criteria according to your job requirements. Thus, your interviewing team will understand your job requirements beforehand and know what to rate your candidates on.

  4. It is an excellent tool for all types of interviews.

    Interview scorecards bring modern tech into your interviewing process. It has proven to be an excellent tool for all kinds of interviews – single, panel, video, and others. This tool is a boon for panel interviews as it helps in capturing the feedback of all interviewers at the same time.

  5. It promotes better team collaboration.

    Every member of your interviewing team can share their feedback with each other online. They can also have healthy discussions about the candidates in order to understand who would be the best fit for the role. As the entire team shares feedback online, you no longer have to go through numerous phone calls or email threads to collaborate with each other. The ratings from all team members are accessible to the entire team at the click of a button. You can also share candidate profiles with external decision-makers to capture their feedback.

  6. It facilitates faster job closures.

    With interview scorecards, you can shift your focus on job requirements completely. These online scorecards also save you from the hassles of gathering interview feedback from your hiring team. It also helps you in faster team collaboration and thus, facilitates in making faster hires.

Interview Scorecard Template

To help you, here is an interview scorecard template for you.

Interview Scorecard

  1. Job Knowledge
  2. Logic and Reasoning
  3. Analytical Skills
  4. Leadership Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Decision Making Skills
    • People Management & Development
  5. Work Ethics
    • Culture Fit
    • Pro-active Thinking
    • Self Motivation


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