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What is a job-specific email address in Jobsoid?

Kelly Barcelos on August 2, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Jobsoid is an excellent recruitment software that helps you advertise your jobs on multiple leading channels in just a few clicks. Jobsoid is integrated with leading job boards, social media networks as well as job search engines. This helps your jobs reach out to a larger talent pool. Job advertising on multiple platforms also helps you attract a diverse pool of candidates to your company.

In addition to the job advertising platforms, Jobsoid also helps you promote your jobs on platforms that are not connected to Jobsoid. You can do this either via a custom job promotion link or a job-specific email address.

What is a job-specific email address?

A job-specific email address is a custom email address that Jobsoid generates for every job opening to receive candidate applications. Jobsoid imports all the applications you receive for your jobs via this email address as structured candidate profiles in your talent pool. Jobsoid’s advanced resume parser works its magic to capture all required information from candidate resumes.

Job-specific Email Address - Job Details Page

How does a job-specific email address work?

For every job opening that you publish in Jobsoid, the system automatically generates a custom email address that you can share with your connections for sourcing candidates. The advanced resume parser captures the required candidate information and showcases it in rich profiles in Jobsoid. Because this email address is unique to each job opening, it is easy to check the performance of your jobs. You can track and monitor the same in your source performance reports.

Furthermore, you can also create hiring sources to generate a custom email address for every source. This will help you track the performance of various hiring sources as well. It will also help you understand the performance of each source and boost your promotion efforts accordingly.

Customizing Job-specific Email Address as per Hiring Source

Jobsoid email address for your company

In addition to the job-specific email address, Jobsoid also provides you with a generic email address for your company. You can use this email address to forward all candidate applications you receive in your email to your Jobsoid account directly. This will keep your email inbox free from messages containing candidate applications.

You just need to set up an email forwarding rule in your email account. And, this resume-parser-enabled email address will automatically send the candidate applications to Jobsoid. The intelligent resume parser will do the rest! The candidate profiles will appear in your existing talent pool. However, you will have to manually assign job openings to these candidates.

You can find your company’s Jobsoid email address in your Settings.

Jobsoid Email Address for your company

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