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What’s new in Jobsoid Sept 2017 Release

Jobsoid Team on September 28, 2017 in Applicant Tracking System

Here are some of the cool new features we’ve just released on your favorite talent acquisition platform. We are sure these features will go a long way in improving your recruiting experience even further.

Smart Filter Intelligence

We are proud to announce the most exciting feature which we built over the last year, to make your life even easier.

Jobsoid understands the required skills for your job, intelligently matches them with every candidate profile and scores candidates based on relevance to your job”

Smart Filter then sorts these candidates to help you shortlist candidates quickly and easily. This can help you shortlist your best fit candidate, literally with the flip of a switch! A dream come true for every recruiter. Learn more about Smart Filter Intelligence…

Email Forwarding and Replies

One of the most awaited features on Jobsoid. You can now email candidates by simply replying to the email received notification message. This will send a reply to your candidate in addition to saving the email on your candidate profile.
Replying to a comment received notification email will automatically add a comment on your candidate profile. All this without logging into your Jobsoid account.

Digest Notification Emails

If you were tired of receiving email notifications, you’d simply turn off email notifications and miss out that important email you wish you’d rather received.

Well, not anymore. Now set a preferred schedule to receive these repeating notifications and stop being bothered time and again. You will receive all these notifications clubbed into one single email. Learn More about managing notifications…

Multiple Jobs on Candidates

Another feature awaited by many of our users is also here. You can now assign more than one job to a candidate profile. This is ideal if you are considering a candidate for multiple jobs at the same time.

Share Candidate Profiles as PDFs

You can now download candidate profiles as PDF files by selectively choosing what to include on the PDF version. This can be helpful if you wish to share your candidates over email, rather than using the built-in share functionality.

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