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Know the Best Interview Times with the help of Jobsoid

Kelly Barcelos on February 1, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Interview scheduling is a stressful task for hiring teams. Deciding upon an interview time and coordinating about the same with your candidates is such a hassle. Not to forget, you need to check the availability of your interviewing team as well. In such times, recruitment software that suggests the best interview times would be a boon. Isn’t it?

Jobsoid is an all-in-one recruitment software that helps you with effortless interview scheduling. Jobsoid’s smart interview scheduler takes away all the hassles of interview scheduling and makes it a smooth and easy process.

Jobsoid offers you three ways to schedule interviews for your candidates. You can schedule interviews for single candidates as well as multiple candidates at a time. You can create time slots for your interviews so that your candidates can choose a convenient time for the same.

In addition to this, Jobsoid also allows you to interview your candidates on a video. Most hiring managers prefer conducting preliminary interview rounds using Jobsoid video interviews. It is quick, easy, and time-saving.

Now, let us look into how you can know the best interview times with the help of Jobsoid. This is a quick two-step process.

Step #1 – Connect your calendars

The first step towards knowing the best interview times is that you need to do is connect your Google/Microsoft calendar to your Jobsoid account. Next, ask your entire hiring team that are a part of your account to connect their calendars.

To know how to connect your calendars to Jobsoid, read this help article – Connect Google/Microsoft calendar with Jobsoid.

Step #2 – Schedule your interview

To schedule your interview, all you need to do is go to the Interviews page and click on the New button. Enter the Start Date and a tentative time for the interview. Select the interviewers in the Interviewers section. And there! Jobsoid will tell you the availability of your interviewing team.

In addition to this, Jobsoid will also suggest you the best times for the interviews under the Start Time and End Time section of the page. You can then choose the time according to the availability of your team members.

Post that, you can go ahead and enter additional details regarding the interview.

Read this help article to understand interview scheduling in Jobsoid in detail – Scheduling interviews for candidates.

What are the benefits of interview scheduling with Jobsoid?

  • Jobsoid offers you three easy ways to schedule your interviews: scheduling for single candidates, scheduling for multiple candidates and video interviewing.
  • As your entire team is online, choosing the best time for the interview is simplified with the help of calendars.
  • You can create interviews with time slots so as to allow candidates to choose a convenient time for their interview.
  • Jobsoid offers you a modern-way of interviewing candidates – video interviews. It is a much-preferred mode of interviewing in the current pandemic times.
  • You are notified in real-time about interview confirmations. This also reduces the number of interview no-shows.
  • Jobsoid sends you alerts regarding upcoming interviews on a timely basis.
  • You can note down your feedback regarding a candidate in an intuitive scorecard and share your review.

You can now know the best interview times with the help of our recruitment software, Jobsoid. Improve your hiring efficiency by adapting a novel way of interviewing your candidates. So, sign up for a Free Jobsoid account today and revamp your interview scheduling process.

Kelly Barcelos

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