5 Amazing Tips to Help Introverted Recruiters Excel in their Career

5 Amazing Tips for Recruiters

Kelly Barcelos on May 21, 2018 in Recruitment Process

A typical recruiter is expected to have the word extrovert woven all over the resume (or at least wherever possible) and why not? After all, most work days will pass away meeting new people, interviewing potential employees, or attending events. But while being an extrovert definitely brings you an edge in this recruitment industry, introverted recruiters also have their own significant place.

For those who haven’t found it yet, here are 5 tips to help you use your strengths and succeed in a competitive work environment.

  1. Do Your Homework Before Internal Meetings

    Introverts are focused and known for their excellent ability to concentrate for extended time periods during overly long meetings. Use this strength to get noticed in an extroverted team by speaking up at meetings. This may require you to leave your comfort zone but you can work around this.

    Introverted recruiters generally have a lot of great ideas that can be shared in a roomful of significant people so contribute your thoughts. If you don’t have the confidence, rehearse and practice your key talking points in solitude.

    Preparing in advance will work to refine your communication skills and help you stay confident in a group setting. Do sufficient research and arm yourself with all the important information before the meeting begins.

  2. Leverage Social Media to Have A Presence

    While social networking is a nightmare for introverts it does not require you to communicate face-to-face to get your message across! Also, at some point if you are required to talk, it would be over the phone or in-person, so you won’t be facing a big group.Also, introverts are often great writers and creative thinkers.

    For all of these reasons, they are well-suited for blogging and social media recruiting. This is one area where you can shine because it lets you hog the limelight even if you are always behind-the-scenes! So make the most of this vast landscape to make genuine connections because your Gen-Y job-seekers prefer social media when they are in search of better prospects.

  3. Build Upon Your Key Asset – Listening!

    Introverts are natural-born listeners – a great trait any recruiter can have. While an extroverted recruiter may have excellent conversational skills, what it really takes to connect with a candidate is being a good listener.

    Introverted recruiters can easily understand the expectations and career goals of prospective candidates and this sets the tone for an engaging and meaningful conversation during personal interviews. Outgoing recruiters may come across as pushy or salesly and this may put off millennials who value authenticity in a recruiter – something that comes very naturally to introverted personalities!

  4. Embrace the Strengths of Your Personality Type

    Pretending to be something that you are not will not bring you long-term success. So, take stock of your strengths and leverage them to carve a meaningful career path. Just like having the gift of gab doesn’t guarantee good performance, introversion does not mean you can’t succeed.

    Instead, being an introvert brings you the edge of being an empathetic mentor, a thoughtful HR, a creative leader, and a patient listener. So, focus your time, effort and energy on these traits and take ownership of your career trajectory.

  5. Use HR Tech to Your Advantage

    Talent acquisition does not come easy to introverted recruiters but this is where HR technology can come to your rescue in the form of an applicant tracking system. Introverted recruiters can leverage a feature-rich applicant tracking system to accelerate and optimize their daily recruitment workflow.

    Advanced applicant tracking systems are designed to expand recruitment reach through automated job advertising, screen qualified candidates using smart filter intelligence, and keep candidates engaged with customized emails for every stage of the hiring process.

    From sourcing to onboarding, an applicant tracking system simplifies and streamlines every manual step so you can stay focused on attracting and hiring the best talent. Finally, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, your disposition does not really matter if you have the ability to adapt the changing trends and advancing HR technology.

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Kelly Barcelos

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