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Best 7 Job Boards for Retail Industry

Poonam Jamuni on September 22, 2021 in Insights

The retail industry is one of the flourishing industries in current times. Many organizations are looking for the best professionals in Retail industry. Therefore, hiring candidates according to their experience and skills is becoming a difficult task for the company. The matter of fact is that finding the right candidate for such job roles is a hectic and time-consuming process.

Since the retail industry is fully customer-oriented, the prospective candidates should acquire certain skills to qualify for these jobs. Here are some skills listed:

  • Ability to offer excellent customer service.
  • Phenomenal time management abilities.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • A team player.
  • Good problem-solving abilities.
  • Excellent report creating and analyzing skills, and many more.

Some of the ways where you can find the perfect candidate are by using:

Now, lets us see some of the retail-based job boards that will help employers like you to hire and onboard candidates faster.

We have compiled the best 7 job boards for the Retail industry

  1. Workinretails

    Workinetails is one of the famous job boards to recruit candidates for the Retail industry. This job board specializes in corporate retail, retail management, and hourly retail jobs. you can use this platform to post your job advertisements based on your location and job category. You have to pay for advertising your jobs on Workinretails. To know about their pricing plan, you will require to register with them.

  2. Jobs NRF

    National Retail Federation Jobs is yet another powerful platform that assists employers to hire retail professionals. If you sign up for the National Retail Federation companies’ membership then you can post a full-time job position on the job board for free of cost.

    Furthermore, your job will appear on this job board for approximately 30 to 60 days. Your jobs will also appear in NRF’s daily newsletters that is sent to 140,000 retail professionals. For the Non-Member of NRF, you will need to choose a pricing plan according to your job requirements.

  3. Retailchoice

    Retailschoice is a pretty straightforward job board to find your next retail employee. It is reported that this job board has around 273,131 candidates registered under them. Additionally, approximately 1206 companies have registered with Retailchoice to hire the best retail personnel.

    You can select from one of their pricing plans based on 3 categories which include CV Database access, Job Advertisement, and other recruitment services. Whenever you advertise your job on this job board, it is also shared on their partnered job networks as well.

  4. Retailjobsweb

    Retailjobsweb is another job board to hire a retail professionals. To use the services offered by this job board, you need to register as an employer with them. The services this job board offers include posting and managing job openings, viewing resumes, searching and managing job candidates, creating a company profile, etc.

    To post your job advertisement, you will require to choose from their pricing package namely Bronze, Silver, and Gold according to your job requirements. Besides this, you can also purchase a resume database as per your job specifications. Numerically speaking, this job board has 364 Employers registered and 23,388 jobs available under them.

  5. AllRetailJobs

    AllRetailJobs is one of the best job boards to find, source, and hire retail candidates. This job board helps in creating a large pool of qualified retail candidates. Whenever you post your job advertisement on this job board, your job is distributed to over 200+ job boards. AllRetailJobs offers various pricing plans for job advertising. Along with the regular pricing plans, you can even opt for a customized plan as per your requirements.

  6. RetailGigs

    RetailGigs is the next on the list of top job boards for the Retail industry. Statistically speaking, this job board has 165,807 retail jobs available with them. Moreover, there are about 177,357 companies currently hiring from RetailGigs. All you will need to do is register with RetailGigs and find the candidate that meets your job needs.

  7. RetailCrossing

    Last but not the least, we have RetailCrossing which is the best and powerful job board in the Retail industry. This platform features fashion retail, retail management, retail sales jobs, and many more job categories in Retail industry. Also, this job board collects jobs from more than 4,429,376 websites and posts them on their site. You can choose and select from one of these pricing plans to make the best hire for your company.

These were the best 7 job boards for the Retail Industry. You can make use of these job boards to recruit the most desirable candidate by saving a lot of hiring time.

To grab the eyeballs of the talented candidates, you will need to focus on composing a detailed job description. Writing a job description is time-consuming. Hence, We have a ready-to-use list of job descriptions for the Retail industry. You can use these job descriptions to post your job advertisements on various job boards.

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