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How Cloud Helped ATS to Evolve?

Kelly Barcelos on January 4, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is now a part of every major business across the world. It’s helping companies make more efficient and productive hiring decisions. Moreover, it saves company’s precious time, which can be utilized on other business aspects. Initially, ATS was a stand-alone system that could accomplish certain tasks; however, there is a new player in the field – the cloud – and it that has helped ATS reach newer heights.

How did Applicant Tracking System Grow With Cloud?

Cloud has allowed modifying ATS and helped it evolve. It is now possible to add more functionalities, get more tasks done and even streamline the communication channels.

Let us look at different ways how ATS has evolved with the cloud.

  1. Intuitive user interface and better integration

    Any software is a success if its users can operate it with ease. Applicant tracking system reduces the need for special training to familiarize staff with its operation. It has a very intuitive user interface that allows you to use it effortlessly.

    Moreover, with cloud’s assistance, it has enhanced integration capability. ATS can easily be integrated with several “add-ons” from various vendors such as video interviewing, pre-hire assessment etc. Based on size and requirements of the company, the required features of ATS can be customized.
  2. Elevate candidate experience

    With ATS, candidates can easily upload their resumes with just one click. Mobile application is also possible wherein the applicants can use their smart-phones to search and apply for a job. ATS even allows applicants to upload their social media profiles in case they don’t have resumes stored in the smart-phones.

    Employers can automate responses, ensuring that communication lines are open at all times. Applications drop by almost 50% when candidate face difficulty while uploading resumes. With ATS and cloud software, you can achieve improved candidate experience.
  3. Integration of Job Boards

    Companies have been using job integrators and job boards to connect with potential hires since a long time. Keeping in lieu with this trend, ATS enables job board integration through cloud. Through this, employers can develop relationships with potential candidates applying through job boards. However, the only disadvantage is that if the employers keep the communication limited to just the job boards, tracking the applicant might be tough if he takes off his resume.

  4. Robust analytics

    ATS provides employers with different metrics that help them measure their hiring efficiency. In addition, it tracks the volume of applications received and measures how long it takes to fill data etc., on ‘single-view’ dashboards. It even helps companies analyze how fast each candidate moves through different interview stages, where recruiters spend their time and resources, factors influencing drop-out rates etc.

    With such robust analytics, ATS goes one step further than just helping with hiring the right candidates. Cloud helps in storing all this data securely and it can be accessed by recruiters from any location in the world.
  5. Talent acquisition suite

    You can add multiple functionalities to the core of ATS to form talent acquisition suites. They support sourcing, recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management, and onboarding of new hires.

    With such suites, many applicant tracking systems are becoming full-service tools that help HR professionals in building their network. With the presence of cloud, it has become possible for companies to associate with multiple vendors for different functionalities with ease, and design their ATS exactly the way they want.
  6. Achieve Tailor-made Configurations

    ATS not only can be automated but also be configured with specific, tailor-made features such as e-mail alerts, messages notifying them of tasks that need to be completed, interview schedules, candidate scorecards etc. This offers a great amount of flexibility to the workflows of a company, enhancing the overall performance.

The Need to Innovate ATS

Recruitment and other processes involved in hiring are constantly changing to accommodate various developments in the business world. Hiring will get more social, faster and competitive. Conventional and rigid consumer-oriented processes will have to take a backseat to give way to flexibility, speed, and accuracy. All this makes innovation of ATS essential to stay competitive and address the dynamic nature of the hiring world – and the cloud is definitely helping with that.

The best way to know how an ATS works is to try using one yourself. But as an applicant tracking system can prove to be very costly for a candidate, we suggest using Jobsoid. You can sign up for a free trial.

Kelly Barcelos

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