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Connect your Calendars for Seamless Interview Scheduling

Divya Bandodkar on August 31, 2018 in Product Updates

Scheduling interviews is a pain point for most hiring teams. You need to pick up a convenient interview time for the candidates as well as interviewers. Online Interview Confirmations in Jobsoid takes care of the former part but collaborating with your team members and fixing an interview time is itself time-consuming and inefficient. As you spend more time choosing a time convenient to all your interviewers, you tend to lose focus on the actual interview.

We decided to make your interview scheduling experience more intuitive and efficient.

Improved Interview Scheduling

Introducing Improved Interviews with Calendar Integration

You can now easily check the availability of your hiring team directly at the time of interview scheduling. You no longer have to manually check the interviewer’s availability.

You can focus more on the interview and improving the candidate experience!

Connect your calendars with Jobsoid and know the status of the interviewers directly at the time of interview creation.

Calendar integration

  • Eliminates the need to go back and forth on emails or telephonic calls to decide a convenient time.
  • Adds an event on the interviewer’s calendar automatically in real-time.
  • No missed interviews or clash of events.

Integrate your Calendar


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