Interview Confirmations

Receive notifications and email as and when a candidate confirms his interview. Say bye to the errors and miscommunications between the candidates and your team to reduce the number of interview no-shows.

interview confirmation

When interview confirmations are handled manually, you need to invest a lot of time and effort. Apart from that, you cannot ignore the possibility of errors and inaccuracies. Last minute interviews with zero preparation can get you off track. Bringing your process and your team members on a single platform will help you make and manage offers more quickly and efficiently.

Streamline your candidate communication with a single click and manage multiple candidates across locations with ease. This feature is designed for use by multiple team members and makes it easy to get things done faster by keeping all communications readily available.

Automate your interview confirmation and reach out to your prospective candidates wherever they are. The feature also reminds your candidates of the interview time and date in real time to reduce interview no-shows. This feature will dramatically improve your hiring efficiency by:

  • Managing interview rescheduling requests with ease
  • Keeping your communications channels open
  • Filtering uninterested candidates
  • Automatically updating interview confirmations on the calendar to keep everyone informed
  • Eliminating the possibility of scheduling conflicts and overbooking of slots

Forget the hassle of handling calls from frantic candidates who keep calling you for interview confirmations and keep them posted wherever they are.