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Cultivating the Right Culture in Your Company

Kelly Barcelos on August 30, 2016 in HR Management

The culture of any business organization is much similar to any family culture. The lifestyle, mindset, behavior and attitude of elders in the family sets the role model for family members and dependents to follow the course of actions, behaviors and attitudes that gradually transform into the culture of that family.

More or less same is the case with any company be it a small organization, be it a medium or be it a large enterprise. Company culture develops mostly by how leaders of that organization adapt and pursue. Company HR inculcates and imbibes the type of behavior and attitudes their seniors normally reflect in their day to day business functions.

Defining a culture

As an aspiring business leader if you are not clear enough to yourself about what how and where you want to see your organization. The easiest way to begin is to ask employees. Start by listing your preferences of the kind of corporate values you want to inculcate and imbibe at the lowest level of your company. For example, how you want you and your people to pursue your business?

Do you want them to achieve your business targets on come what may basis by hook and by crook or you want them to achieve successes gradually through honesty dedication customer service and a refined professional image of your company? Explaining all about your ambitions and aspirations subsequently check back how your management teams and employees think and agree with those values you want to cultivate.

Cultivating the right corporate culture, therefore, is not easy to get right. Culture grows over the time in results of various actions and reactions of HR. Culture to offer benefits to good talent in the company is the combination and blend of multiple factors. Employee satisfaction level, career growth, service benefits, employee retention, office layout, workflows and environment, interpersonal relationships within employees and business associates, etc. are significant factors.

The combination of all above factors defines the direction how your company culture is taking shape. The majority of business leaders are now acknowledging the fact that culture of a motivated employee is the key factor that substantially contributes to the success of the company. Like any family elder the business leader also has to decide in principle what kind of culture he or she wants to cultivate and transform into the company. The dilemma is that most business leaders lack the understanding of the right model for a right culture mainly because their approach remains vague.

It is always tempting for every recruitment manager to hire most qualified candidates having credentials from prestigious institutions as compared to a normal candidate who can easily be made to fit in the culture of your organization. One bad hire can adversely affect not only the overall moral of your team but can also nose down your productivity to ultimately hit the bottom line.

The need of the Cultivation of right and viable corporate culture in the business house is not a matter of one-time activity. Nor a corporate culture is merely a matter of any administrative measures through hardware / software program implementation.

Cultivation of right culture is an ongoing process that needs time to time review through checks and balances mainly because of continued change in market conditions and economic conditions. So is the continued change in human attitudes behaviors ideas and above all the personal expectations of employees and business associates. Business leaders, therefore, have to be continuously on their toes to remain abreast with changing conditions and requirements to protect the corporate values of their companies.

Kelly Barcelos

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