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What are Employee Engagement Surveys?

Kelly Barcelos on March 31, 2021 in Glossary

What Are Employee Engagement Surveys?

Employee engagement surveys measure the relationship between the employees and the organization. It accesses how motivated and engaged your employees remain during their time at work.

Employee engagement surveys let you know what drives or discourages your employees. Most importantly, it helps you understand how you can improve or strengthen employee engagement and build a profitable business.

To help you get started, here is a blog that is sure to help you develop a concrete employee engagement survey. Learn how you can measure employee engagement effectively, what you need to bear in mind while at it and how you can use the survey results to your advantage. To know, read on.

Why Should You Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys?

An organization that values employee engagement is likely to retain top talent and establish a company culture that attracts more. In addition to this, there are other factors that make performing employee engagement surveys important. Here are some of the advantages of conducting an employee engagement survey that you need to know.

  • Helps monitor employee engagement levels:

    Essentially, employee engagement surveys let you know if the employees are being motivated by the benefits you offer or whether it drives them to perform better. These drivers of engagement can range from increments to paid leaves or even occasional home from work facility.

  • Allows employees to be vocal:

    Employee engagement surveys offer employees a chance to voice their opinion. It helps promote a culture wherein the employee is heard and appreciated. So by conducting employee engagement surveys, you promote a culture of open communication.

  • Promotes organization’s success and growth:

    Gathering feedback from employees, you can identify areas that hinder an employee’s performance and boost those that facilitate their professional growth. It also provides you an insight into how each department is performing. Thus, helping you utilize the information for your company’s growth and success.

  • Acts as a reference point to measure the company’s development:

    The data you collect from the surveys can be used as a benchmark to assess your company’s performance against your competitors. You can have a better understanding of where your company stands and what measures you need to take for its progress.

What to Keep In Mind When Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys?

Here is how you can utilize employee engagement surveys to your company’s advantage.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the feedback gathered. Doing so will make the employees participate actively and honestly.
  • Use the surveys as a learning tool. You can identify issues that would otherwise go unnoticed and find ways to tackle the same.
  • Refer to them as a comprehensive guide to judge all the factors that affect an employee’s performance. These include teamwork, current professional goals, and so on.
  • Think of the surveys as an opportunity to further increase employee engagement by giving the employees a platform to voice their opinion.
  • Know that the surveys you create are unique to your organization and cover the areas that you wish to focus on.
  • Utilize the surveys to encourage accountability. Point out the areas where the employee needs to take responsibility for his/her actions.

What Are the Tips to Create Excellent Employee Engagement Surveys?

Now that you are aware of the importance of these surveys, here is how you can create one.

  • Identify your goals:

    Determine what issues or topics you wish to cover or need your attention and design a survey accordingly.

  • Carefully choose the type of questions:

    Divide the survey questions into open-ended and close-ended ones. Including both these types will allow you to gather qualitative as well as quantitative feedback.

  • Include questions that are easy to understand:

    To get clearer and more appropriate responses, curate questions that are simple and to the point.

  • Keep track of the survey length:

    Employee engagement surveys usually include around 30 questions or less. Avoid making the survey lengthy as that would consume a lot of time, both for the employees and the hiring managers.

Employee engagement surveys are great to drive employees as well as the organization’s success. But, utilizing the features of smart software can enhance the experience. Jobsoid, a cloud-based applicant tracking software, not only serves as a recruiting aid but also allows team collaboration. You can invite your team members to participate in important company decisions such as the hiring process. Apart from team collaboration, it also offers other features such as effective communication and data sharing, that you can avail yourself.

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