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Best 5 Examples of Employer Branding on Twitter

Kelly Barcelos on February 5, 2020 in Employer Brand

Twitter is a well-known social networking website, currently being used by around 330 million active users across the world. Though Twitter was introduced as a micro-blogging platform, many companies have started using it to build brand awareness, generate sales leads, and increase the sense of loyalty in the customers.

With the number of potential employers rising and the number of candidates getting scarce, it is very much essential to leverage social networking platforms like Twitter to promote your employer brand. You ought to have a strong employer brand on social media. It is also observed that Twitter has a higher level of interaction than most social networking sites.

The most challenging part of promoting your employer brand on Twitter is that you should present your company as an organization worth working for in just 280 characters.

Employer Branding on Twitter

The rapid nature of Twitter makes it a great platform to find and hire top talent with ease. Being a gender-balanced platform amongst all the others, Twitter helps you attract and engage a balanced group of candidates and simplifies your social media recruitment.

Twitter is one platform that allows you to be formal and fun at the same time. In addition to sharing content about the open positions in your company, you can plan out your Twitter strategy to reach out to potential candidates. You can share some company news or some other accomplishments showing hints of professionalism. Likewise, you can also share videos of some recent outings or fun interactive quizzes without any worries. If you want to build an engaged and relevant community of candidates, don’t forget to do a Twitter follower audit from time to time. At the end of the day, it does not make sense to waste your efforts on communicating with bots, fakes or inactive accounts.

Job seekers today, wish for more than just a handsome salary and insurance. A fantastic company culture and a healthy work environment is something that fascinates them. Above all, they want to know what your existing employees have to say about you.

A recent study revealed that tweets having video content receive more engagement. You can record short videos of your employees speaking about your company. Also, you can also ask your hiring managers to record a video about the job ad and attract qualified talent.

Top Employer Branding Examples on Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be a great recruiting tool for recruiters as well as HR professionals. Many companies across the world are currently using Twitter to promote their employer brand and simplify their hiring processes. They know perfectly well to leverage Twitter for their employer branding efforts.

Here is a list of five companies that are the best examples of employer branding on Twitter.

1. Canva

Canva is an online tool that helps you create amazing yet simple graphic designs with ease.  The team has been actively engaged in building and promoting their employer brand. With an alluring website career page at hand, they are leaving no stone unturned in depicting the same on Twitter.

In addition to sharing special day wishes, Canva also extends its support to charitable institutions in the event of a crisis. They share their success stories and product updates regularly. This is their way of showing the candidates that they are evolving. You can read some educative blogs, wisdom quotes as well as take part in exciting quizzes and fun contests on Canva’s Twitter page.

Canva - #1 Best Example of Employer Branding on Twitter

2. Netflix

When we said Netflix is crossing all the boundaries for creating an outstanding employer brand, we really meant it. Right from their Twitter bio to their retweets, everything talks about their unique company culture and exceptional work environment.

‘People over Process’ company Netflix is doing its best for employee satisfaction and happiness. Netflix has introduced some employee-friendly policies like vacation leave, paternal leave, and many others in all of their offices. They organize frequent team building events, festival celebrations, educational talks, etc. for the betterment of their teams.

Netflix - #2 Best Example of Employer Branding on Twitter

Their tweets are so engaging that you cannot ignore them. Are you inspired enough to take inspiration from these examples of employer branding on Twitter and take your employer branding to the next level?

3. HubSpot

HubSpot provides a platform having various tools for search engine optimization, web analytics, content management, and social media marketing. It helps businesses grow by boosting their sales and marketing efforts.

HubSpot has been helping businesses build their customer base. Similarly, HubSpot has been putting in incredible efforts to build their talent base. HubSpot knows the value of employer branding. And hence, they chose to have two Twitter pages – one for their corporate brand and others for their employer brand.

HubSpot has also named its career page on Twitter as HubSpot Life. They wish to show their prospective candidates how working at HubSpot really is. This also makes us believe that they are an employee-first company.

Their Twitter page gives us a glimpse of their company culture and work environment. HubSpot’s Twitter feed focuses more on its employees. Right from sharing their culture code to sharing the experience of their employees working at HubSpot, they showcase an animated picture of their rich employee culture.

HubSpot - #3 Best Example of Employer Branding on Twitter

HubSpot knows how to build their employer brand and attract the best talent amazingly well. And, HubSpot was also voted as #2 Top Place to Work in Massachusetts.

4. Google

Googlers, as employees at Google are called, gives you a glimpse of their exciting work-life through their Twitter page, Life at Google. The Google Team knows the importance of having a reliable employer brand. They are making incredible efforts to engage their employees and retain them.

Having named their Twitter page name as Life at Google, the team conveys the message that they wish job seekers to know-how working at Google really is. In other words, they are making their prospective candidates feel welcome to the company.

In addition to sharing tweets about their open roles, Google also tweets about their new office locations, workshops, and other events. These tweets give us a glimpse of their fantastic company culture and office environments. The existing employees also share advice and tips about applying for a job at Google. Thus, giving job seekers an idea about their recruitment process.

Google has been putting in extraordinary efforts in making their prospective candidates happy and their team happy. It’s an excellent example of employer branding on Twitter.

Google - #4 Best Example of Employer Branding on Twitter

5. Zappos

Zappos has literally nailed their employer branding efforts on their Twitter pages, namely Zappos Culture and Inside Zappos. The work environment at Zappos is vibrant, lively, and fun.

Through their Twitter pages, Zappos gives you a tour through their headquarters. Their employer branding strategies have covered it all. Right from welcoming new hires to getting the team groove to some music – Zappos does everything for their employee happiness and satisfaction.

In addition to sharing the recent job updates, Zappos gives you a peek into their company culture and how they encourage their team to be the best. Not only this, the team itself appreciates and motivates their fellow team members. This indeed promotes a healthy work culture that Zappos claims to have!

Zappos organizes quirky contests, pet adoption events, festivities celebrations, and lots more for their team. It is indeed one of the best companies that are setting best employer branding examples for others on Twitter.

Zappos - #5 Best Example of Employer Branding on Twitter

Finding great talent is hard while attracting them to your talent brand is harder. And, engaging them in your recruitment process is the hardest. And, implementing effective employer branding strategies can simplify your hiring efforts by a great deal.

Twitter is one of the best social media channels to promote your employer brand. You must create a Twitter account for your company. Plan out your strategies for employer branding on Twitter and attract the top talent to your jobs.

You can also sign up for a free account on Jobsoid. Jobsoid offers you advanced tools that will help you boost your employer brand and become an employer of choice.

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