View Candidates in Standard Format

All candidate applications you receive are compiled in a standard format. The comprehensive structure of candidate profiles help in easy filtering.

rich candidate profile

No matter from which source (Company website, Job boards, Careers Portal, Social Media, etc.) and which format you are receiving the candidate applications, you can view all the applications in a standard format in Jobsoid. You can also mass import resumes in various formats and automatically transfer them into a searchable layout for quick screening.

Since every profile is listed in the same structure, it becomes fast and easy to filter the relevant candidates.

Take a glance at how this intuitive feature works to save your time and effort:

  • Streamlines the database with comprehensive and uniformly structured candidate profiles
  • Lists every important detail about the candidate in a comprehensive structure
  • Preserves the original documents in the candidate profile for a quick preview and download

Create a positive application experience by accepting resumes in every format and save time on manual conversions with this incredible feature.