Automated and Bulk Communication

Engage your candidates in your recruiting process by keeping them updated about their recruitment status. Automate your email sending process by configuring your hiring pipeline. You can also send out bulk emails.

automated bulk communication

Jobsoid allows you to send out emails automatically to keep your talent pipeline engaged and interested. This feature of Jobsoid can help you turn those passive prospects into productive employees by:

  • Saving Your Time

Schedule your emails to suit your convenience and your messages will be delivered to your selected applicants in your chosen order.

  • Making a Strong First Impression

Timely follow-ups foster your talent pipeline and help you nurture the relationship with new candidates. Be prompt in addressing their concerns and quick in responding to their queries with automation.

  • Building Long-Term Relationships

Automated engagement emails make it fast and easy to stay connected and keep in touch which in turn establishes credibility and increases your conversion rate.

  • Growing Your Engagement

Automatic emails boost transparency and enable you to be prompt and professional with your approach. Reach out to multiple candidates in less time and see your engagement grow.

In addition to this, you can also send out emails to multiple candidates at a time using the bulk emailing feature. Writing out emails to multiple candidates at a time is often a time-consuming and annoying task. You can apparently write the email message and save it in a file. But copy-pasting tasks also seem a trouble when there are hundreds of emails to be sent.

Draft an email with the help of Jobsoid’s rich text editor. Add a personal touch to it using the merge fields. And then save this message as a template in Jobsoid. You can use it anytime you wish to send out emails to your candidates.

You will-

  • Save time on writing emails to multiple candidates
  • Communicate with your candidates better with personalized messages
  • Fasten your hiring process

Do not let communication be a reason for delayed hiring.