Pre-screen candidates with Questionnaires

Screen candidates by asking job-specific questions using a well-thought questionnaire. Create unlimited questions and questionnaires targeting each job role. Simplify your hiring process in a flash only with Jobsoid!

Know how you can create questionnaires with Jobsoid, for easy candidate screening.



Add questions corresponding the job role

Create a job-specific questionnaire to match the open job role. Set the ‘Enabled’ toggle to ‘ON’ to display the questionnaire in the job application form., Track candidate responses and set subsequent questions visibility by enabling question branching.

Set automated actions in-line with candidate's responses

Use the candidate’s responses to move them across recruiting stages. Generate a comprehending questionnaire by selecting the ‘Automation’ toggle to ‘ON’. Choose a definite time to send out questionnaires to your candidates automatically by customizing your recruitment workflow. Lastly, choose the recruiting stage the candidate will move to, upon completing the questionnaire.

Match candidate's actions to the questionnaire design

Create intelligent questionnaires by enabling question branching. Set the ‘Enable Logic’ toggle ‘ON’ to either hide or show questions to the candidate’s based on their preceding responses. You can also add question visibility criteria by clicking on the ‘Add Rule’ button. Save all the changes to allow the questionnaire work in correspondence to the candidates action.

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