Import Resumes with Resume Parser

Import resumes into your Jobsoid account and extract vital data to have all recruiting essentials at your fingertips.

Import candidate resumes in your Jobsoid account in a bat of the eye.

upload resumes spreadsheets

Import and assign jobs

Start the process by clicking on the ‘Import Resume’ button to convert resume details into online candidate profiles. Assign existing jobs to the candidates from the drop-down menu to manage listings methodically.

Refer to the original submission when needed

Look for any important candidate details when need be. Jobsoid allows you to go back to the original submissions to check for any details missed out. So, you have all necessary information to fall back on.

Pick potential hires within seconds

Hand-pick potential hires by selecting from a pool of top talent. Not only you save on time but reduce the chances of manual errors via this premium feature from Jobsoid. That said, you can hire the candidate that best fits the job role in no time at all.

Looking for an error-free approach to recruiting?

Manage the recruiting process effortlessly with Jobsoid. You can begin your journey by registering for free. Enjoy an array of features and upgrade your plan anytime you wish!