Resume Parser

All the necessary information about the candidates is extracted from their resumes and is presented in a structured format as candidate profiles. The resume parser supports resumes in multiple file formats.

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With a massive number of resumes coming in for every job opening, it can get extremely painful to sift out information from each resume and enter the data manually. This has to be done as per the specific fields emphasized by your company, to be able to keep a proper record before scrutinizing it to pick out the desired candidates.

Creating candidate profiles is made easy with a premium feature available with Jobsoid, a resume parser that excavates the necessary information from resumes received and simultaneously compiles individual profiles for all the candidates. Jobsoid’s Resume Parser supports resumes in various formats. Information is extracted by the resume parser and filled in into the designated fields in the profile, such as name, contact details, etc., in an orderly and pre-planned fashion. Then, a simple search can help you pick out the prospective candidates within a matter of seconds.

Each candidate profile is updated with all the information passed on by the applicant and is maintained as per the specified fields to avoid mistakes. This cuts down the time spent by a recruiter in copy-pasting details, which can lead to errors simply because tedious and repetitive data entry can cause anyone’s brain to switch off!

By saving email attachments as documents after filtering out the resume, Jobsoid’s resume parsing tool also allows you to go back and check any details in the original submission that you may need to look up at any point.

This automation aspect of Jobsoid not only saves valuable time but also makes it a point to address individual profiles in a manner that leaves no room for error.