Email Reminders to Interviewers

Reminders in the form of an email are sent to the interviewers notifying them about the upcoming interviews. It will also be added on to your calender, if synced with Jobsoid.

As many recruiters know, scheduling interviews are only the first step. Making sure that all your other activities and tasks can continue undisturbed is as important as being present for the interview on time, especially when there’s a massive influx of applications from prospective candidates and your inbox seems like it will overflow!

When you sync your internal and external calendars with Jobsoid, the system notifies you of any possible conflicts of the time when an interview has been scheduled. As a result, you can shuffle activities around as per your convenience, not just those within the organization but outside commitments too.

In addition to the smart interview scheduler built into the Applicant Tracking System, you will also receive a reminder about each interview. It helps you make sure that your to-do list and daily activities can be reorganized before the interview is due to begin. At this stage, you can also delegate tasks from your list to other team members.

Since Jobsoid can be integrated with external applications like your company’s digital calendar, Google, Outlook and other common platforms, you can be sure that you will never double-book your time. You don’t need to be logged into the system to receive a reminder since it will come through as an email and be added to any synced calendars.

When an applicant on your candidate list makes it to the interview round, the smart software sends you a notification so you can schedule the interview and invite any other members who need to be present so that they will receive a reminder too.