Reviews and Scorecards

Rate your candidates on certain criteria and share your review alongwith some feedback with your team. View the ratings of your team on an intuitive scorecard.

reviews and scorecards

A candidate profile that seems highly impressive on paper may not necessarily coincide in person. Recruiting the right candidate needs careful thought and planning that delves deep into some aspects including credentials, competence, communication skills, and experience. Go beyond the resume when making your final decision on filling a vacant position and overcome every hurdle with this feature that helps you make a perfect decision during the final stage.

Candidate reviews are now easy to post and share with a single click. This feature helps you share everything from specific skill sets and achievements to ex-employer reviews and background checks. The feedback collection feature is designed to facilitate informed decision-making by compiling feedback and keeping every team member in the loop.

Scorecards in Jobsoid give you a detailed report of your team member’s review along with the overall rating for that particular candidate. The scorecards are easy to comprehend and facilitate better hiring decisions.

Make the most crucial phase of your hiring process a cake walk with a collaborative approach. From pre-screening to final selection, stay focused on choosing the best of the lot with Jobsoid.