Intelligent Reports

Generate reports to analyze the performance of your recruiting process. You can also create custom reports based upon your requirements. Stay informed and updated about the recruiting status.

Intelligent Reports

This fully-loaded, user-friendly feature gives you and your team unparalleled control on creating custom reports. You can also predefine the recruitment metrics and determine how they should be measured. Take better hiring decisions with a robust feature that helps you manage everything in real-time.

Analyze performance and enhance productivity with this time-saving feature that:

  • Auto generates recruitment reports for analyzing performance
  • Facilitates data-driven decisions by delivering recruiting analytics on-demand
  • Eliminates the need to create and maintain spreadsheets
  • Helps you identify bottlenecks that are causing unnecessary delays so that you can improvise your recruitment procedure
  • Shares customized reports with team members for driving future decisions
  • Keeps you prepared, updated and informed – always

Do more in less time!