Real-time Dashboards

Have insights into your recruitment status with real-time dashboards. Streamline your recruitment process by identifying the bottlenecks and improving the productivity.

realtime dashboards

Improve your productivity and streamline your recruiting program right from day one with an easy-to-follow dashboard that offers unparalleled visibility. This time-saving feature will ensure that none of your A players slip through the cracks with constant monitoring. Whether you want to check mission-critical information or track the progress of your recruitment team, you can rely on Jobsoid’s real-time dashboards.

The recruitment process generates a tremendous amount of data which often makes it difficult to uncover opportunities and improve process efficiency. This advanced dashboard will not only serve as your task manager but also accelerate your time-to-fill by giving you easy access to data on a centralized platform.

Eliminate all the additional paperwork and adapt to every situation with real-time insights on:

  • The number of candidates at every stage
  • The tasks assigned to different team members
  • Job and offer approvals
  • Interview confirmations
  • Recruitment process workflow
  • Candidate background checks
  • Filled and free interview slots
  • Employee referrals and more!

Organize your recruiting efforts and streamline your workflow with a dashboard that gives you instant insights into every piece of information at-a-glance.