Candidate Reviews

Share your feedback about candidates by rating them on certain criteria. You can also add your comments and make candidate selections easier.

reviews and scorecards

When you use Jobsoid to simplify your recruitment process, the smart and intuitive Applicant Tracking System maintains individual candidate profiles with details about every stage they have passed. These are available for perusal anytime, making it easy for the recruiting team to pick out candidates for screening and interviews.

Every recruiter using the system can add their feedback and notes to a profile, where it’s all collated and updated instantly. This feature helps with candidate evaluation and lets the team respond to the added notes as and when needed, by simply accessing reviews through the recruitment software instead of hunting through emails and spreadsheets.

Jobsoid’s software makes for convenient candidate assessment with its inbuilt smart features. All the notes and attachments besides the resume, which are sent in by the candidate or added by a recruiter, are available with a simple click of the button. For the recruitment team, sharing reviews internally make the assessment process easier too.

The software makes it possible to add and maintain recorded notes and an update is shot out to the company email every time a new note is added to the candidate profile. It also allows all the feedback from various team members to be jotted down and saved in the candidate profile, making selections easier during the final cuts.

This eliminates the need to hunt down team members through back and forth emails or phone calls to ask for their thoughts, considering they are all already saved for later viewing within the candidate profiles.