Collaborate With Your Entire Recruiting Team

Make rewarding recruiting decisions by collaborating with your team members. Filter qualified candidates and access their profiles without leaving space for any errors!

Jobsoid lets you have a stable and efficient recruiting process in place.
Have user accounts for the entire team

Collaborate and fasten your recruiting process by creating a Jobsoid user account for each of the team members. Not only it facilitates active team involvement but also reduces recruiting time and boosts efforts.

Retain data confidentiality

Manage which team members get access to what part of the candidate profile. Choose who can create new openings and delete/edit candidate profiles. Doing so, helps you maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information and also ensures minimal errors.

Review and rate candidate profiles

Allow team members to access and rate candidate profiles based on the set job criteria. Make filtering qualified candidates easier and the selection process less tiresome with feedback and notes from team members.

Looking for ways to eliminate the hassles of recruiting?

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