Login Accounts for the Entire Team

Bring your entire hiring team on Jobsoid by creating user accounts for them. Have a collaborative recruitment environment online and fasten your recruiting process.

login accounts for team

Collaborative hiring is one of the most prominent features included in the Applicant Tracking System. It helps to engage every key recruitment team member involved in the process, in an easy and streamlined manner that is designed to help them contribute towards the selection process without wasting their time and effort.

With Jobsoid, you can set up unlimited users with access to the central talent pool, tags, schedules and more. Since the system is designed to offer the greatest flexibility, you can also choose whether to share permissions for creating, editing and deleting profiles or tasks, or simply viewing certain sections as defined by the administrator.

This helps maintain clear communication between recruitment team members from the beginning of the process to the end, making the selection procedure extremely reliable and smooth, as the software reduces the time involved and scope of error too!