Real-time Notifications

Stay updated about the recruitment activities with real-time notifications. You can also choose to receive notifications on your email and your phone.

Notification is an easy medium to grab your attention towards something. Notifications in Jobsoid are real quick. The moment a candidate’s profile is updated by an interviewer or a new email is received, Jobsoid sends a notification to the administrator and any users with the relevant permissions. Not only does this help with tracking and monitoring of recruitment activities, but also improves collaboration across multiple channels.

When more than one person is involved in recruitment and hiring (which is almost always), there’s a lot of pressure created through miscommunication and inefficient systems. When you rely on emails, spreadsheets, and internal tools, the possibility of some crucial information getting left out due to human error is very high.

For instance, your organization may require you to keep a particular member in the loop about which stage of recruitment a group of applicants has reached. This would involve a lot of emails being copied to that person, documents being sent to them and telephonic or email updates that are manually handled and time-consuming.

You may forget to send an update, send it late, accidentally send it to someone else, or even send the wrong communications to this person. Jobsoid removes all these issues by automating the process of live updates through real-time notifications. You can select who these notifications go to, what they are notified about, and much more.

Recruiters can use this feature to ensure that everyone involved in the hiring process is kept up to date through every stage of recruitment, right from creating a job profile and posting it on a job board to spreading the word that a position has been filled.