Recruitment from Multiple Locations

Recruit candidates from any location as all your candidate data is available for your access no matter what your location is.

Recruitment from multiple locations can be problematic when reviewing candidates for job openings. Through the software tools included in Jobsoid, this type of recurring obstacle faced by any recruitment department (no matter the company industry or size), can be warded off with ease, since information is stored on a centralized cloud.

All the people who are part of the recruitment process have access to a candidate’s profile, whether it’s in the initial phase of reviewing the application, shortlisted for further evaluation or the interview phase. With every detail of the recruitment process available to all the team members, the right candidate can be chosen much faster.

Sharing information across multiple channels and locations becomes the last thing to worry about, leaving the sole focus on finding the perfect candidate for a job opening. This feature eliminates unnecessary communication that is both time-consuming and meticulous, especially when recruitment happens over multiple locations.

It becomes extremely easy to review a candidate’s profile or progress from anywhere and share all the necessary information with another team member. This can be done with no trouble at all, simply by sharing the profile to the team member’s candidate list, with a few clicks of a button and it is done within a matter of seconds!

All the information pertinent to every individual candidate is stored in the applicant tracking system into his candidate profile, available to any member of the team, no matter their location.