Share Profiles with Decision Makers

Share candidate profiles with those team members who are not users of Jobsoid or with your clients seamlessly. View the profiles as they are without loss of any data.

share profiles

One of the biggest challenges that most recruiters face is coordinating between various departments and individuals who are involved in the recruitment and hiring process. It gets very tiresome if you have to follow up with each person individually, communicate over internal systems or emails with internal and external personnel.

An Applicant Tracking System that simplifies this process will surely be a boon for the recruiters. Isn’t it?

Jobsoid allows you to share the candidate profiles with any person of your hiring team with ease. It also allows you to share the profiles with the personnel who are not a part of your Jobsoid account. A few clicks here and there and you are good to go!

This feature ensures that all those candidate profiles which need a feedback are shared seamlessly, without the loss of any data. There would be no misunderstandings and delayed discussions as the entire process is transparent. As Jobsoid is a SaaS system, all the candidate data will be available to your team at any time of the day irrespective of their location.