Task Automation and Reminders

Assign tasks to your team and manage them effectively. Quicken your recruiting process by creating predefined tasks and setting reminders for easy followups.

Know how you can assign tasks and manage the recruitment pipeline effortlessly with Jobsoid.

Add predefined tasks or create them on the go

Create and assign tasks to your team as and when required, directly from the candidate profiles. You could also create tasks in advance and simplify the process.

  • Add tasks in one click using the Quick Add button
  • Create and assign new tasks on the go
  • Create to-do lists for yourself to stay on track
task automation reminders

Set reminders to ensure timely completion of tasks

Following up with your team on assigned tasks is not always possible. Let Jobsoid remind them of tasks to be completed.

An alert notification will be sent to the concerned team member notifying about the task assigned.

  • Regular alerts about tasks that are due for completion
  • No missing out on the assigned tasks
  • Better collaboration as each member knows the tasks assigned
assign tasks to you team

Automate task assignment by customizing your recruitment pipeline

Assigning certain standard tasks to your team often turns cumbersome when you are receiving many candidate applications.

Free yourself from the hassles of assigning these standard tasks to your team. Automate your task assignment process by attaching tasks to different stages of your recruitment pipeline.

Jobsoid will automatically assign tasks as the candidates move across the stages of recruitment pipeline.

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