User Roles and Permissions

Set access permissions and control who sees what candidate information in your Jobsoid account. Retain sensitive information about the candidates with this flexible permission structures.

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Through Jobsoid’s inbuilt user management function, an administrator can be selected to oversee the recruitment process. The administrator is the individual who is in charge of deciding what is accessible to each member of the recruitment team, what information can and should be shared; who is in charge of editing and who is not, etc.

All these factors are necessary for a well-planned and efficient recruitment process. The administrator can add managers from within the company and outside recruitment services too. This allows recruiters to access their expertise and maintain streamlined recruitment processes, with a solid mix of both in-house and outside SMEs.

The Applicant Tracking System helps to designate roles more clearly, making it easier to decide what information is to be shared, with whom, and in what manner. The software permits structural levels to define the roles of the recruitment team members. For instance, limited access users may be allowed only to view certain candidate profiles.

Recruiters and other key users can be designated in a manner that provides them with access to view and edit all candidate profiles within the applicant tracking system. Others may have access to view information from the candidate profiles, but not the liberty to delete candidates or create new openings.

A user may also be restricted, by taking away their access to view certain candidate profiles. All these flexible permission structures allow you to retain sensitive information and promote efficient procedures with minimal errors or issues.