Gear Up for the Upsurge in Mobile Recruitment

Kelly Barcelos on December 16, 2016 in Recruitment Process

Everyone is now using a smartphone or some sort of a mobile device. Revolution in the world of technology has managed to bring the entire world in your palm. The increase in the use of smart phones has led to increase in mobile recruitment. Data from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that over 50% of the traffic to career websites comes from mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, etc.

Job seekers can now easily access job websites and apply for a job or even interview from anywhere from their mobile devices. For firms that want to recruit the best talent, it has become important to make their websites as well as the recruitment process mobile-friendly.

4 steps to make your websites mobile-friendly

  1. Optimize website to make it compatible with mobile devices

    It has now become crucial to optimize your website to make it compatible with mobile devices. It is one of the priorities for most of the companies as it offers many advantages. Everyone may not own a computer, but almost everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet.

    Mobile-optimized websites work well with tablets and smartphones and help the applicant to navigate through the website with ease. They load much easily on mobile devices and provide candidates with a smooth experience while applying for a job without having to do the needful necessarily from a computer screen.

    Make sure that a job seeker is able to get all the information that he needs before applying without any hassles whether he’s accessing the website from a computer or from a mobile device.

  2. Make your applicant tracking systems (ATS) mobile-friendly

    Applicant Tracking System used must offer mobile integration. It is one of the important components of being ready for mobile recruitment. It makes the application process for candidates easy and helps them to find a job much conveniently.

    This also enhances the process of screening candidates as it can be done from mobile devices. Further, it allows the user to access the application at any time and making the communication between recruiters and applicants easy.

    Know more about mobile-friendly ATS!

  3. Make maximum use of social media for promotion

    Social media plays a vital role in mobile recruiting as most of the social media is accessed by people from their mobile devices only. With the increasing popularity of social media, users are more likely to find jobs via social media. It also makes it easier for them to share the job with their colleagues. Advanced applicant tracking systems are tailored to engage highly with social media tools and RSS feeds.

    Promoting recruitment on social media widens the reach and expands the applicant pool as almost everyone is connected to social media through their mobile devices. Share functionality on social media further allows sharing jobs with more number of people. This gives the recruiters access to a larger pool of talent. The process of hiring candidates becomes less tedious if you make use of social media effectively.

  4. Embrace mobile recruitment and improve skills

    The team responsible for recruitment needs to accept mobile recruitment as one of the priorities and need to gain relevant skills. With the change in corporate hiring and coming of mobile recruitment, recruiters need to learn and gain a different set of skills.

    Therefore, you need to focus on technological aptitude and the ability to integrate Web 2.0 and social media into recruitment. Further, your team must also be willing to accept the changes and use different technology to hunt candidates for a particular job.

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