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How to generate an engaging job description for free?

Kelly Barcelos on December 24, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

An engaging job description is key to attracting top talent to your company. Writing magnetic job descriptions, however, takes a lot of time of your hiring team. You need to write down the job responsibilities as well as job requirements in a clear and concise manner. The job description needs to be written in a simple and comprehensive language.

Jobsoid simplifies this task of writing job descriptions for your hiring team. Jobsoid offers an extensive library of job descriptions for free to you. Catering to various business verticals and industries, these job descriptions are clear, concise, and contain everything you need for an engaging job description.

Being written by HR Professionals from various industries, these job descriptions can be customized according to your hiring requirements in just a few clicks.

How can you generate an engaging job description for free?

With Jobsoid, you can generate any number of engaging job descriptions for free in just a few clicks.

Here are the steps to generate an engaging job description for free.

1.  Go to

2.  Now, scroll down to choose your desired industry

3.  Select the desired job description from the list of available job descriptions. This will open the job description page

4.  Scroll down towards the end of the page, and you will see a ‘Customize & Download’ button

5.  The job description will be ready for you to customize

6.  Now, you can customize your job description according to your hiring requirements. You can add more or delete responsibilities and requirements as you wish

7.  In addition to this, you can also add an additional section if you want

8.  You can also rearrange your sections as you wish

9.  Once you have finished compiling your job description, you can click on the ‘Post to Job Boards’ button and post your job opening on 20+ job boards

In addition to this, you can also download a PDF copy of your job description and save it on your computer for future reference.

What are the advantages of writing clear job descriptions?

  • Job descriptions help in setting clear expectations with your employees.
  • Clear job descriptions help applicants understand the job role better.
  • Job descriptions help you in analyzing your employees’ performance.
  • Job descriptions also help you in managing the duties and responsibilities of the employees.
  • It also helps you in promoting your employer brand.

Compile an engaging job description for free with Jobsoid’s job description generator and attract talented applicants to your job roles. You can also sign up for a Free Jobsoid Account and streamline your hiring processes.

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