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How can Jobsoid help me become GDPR Compliant?

Kelly Barcelos on May 14, 2018 in Compliance & Legal

I work as an HR for a company. Does my company need to be GDPR compliant? How can we become GDPR compliant?

I am a recruiter. Do I need to follow the GDPR terms? How can I be GDPR compliant?

If these are the kind of questions you are finding answers for, you’ve come to the right place. As we all know, GDPR has become a concern for most recruiters and HR professionals due to the uncertainty and relying on hearsay.

While using an All in One Recruiting Platform such as Jobsoid to streamline your recruitment, you are already covered. Jobsoid helps you maintain your compliance to GDPR, in addition to being a fully GDPR compliant recruiting platform.

The first step towards being GDPR compliant will be to provide your company information to your candidates or clients.

  • Contact details of the company along with some information about the company representative must be shared with candidates as well as with clients.
  • You should state your objective clearly. You should mention that you will use data solely for recruitment purpose.

Second, you must follow the following process when you receive candidate applications.

  • Candidates should be able to update their information at any time. Consider their recent information towards their job application.
  • Candidates should be able to withdraw their application at any time.
  • Candidates should be able to request a copy of their application. You could also give them an option to download their application.
  • Candidates should be able to get in touch with some personnel for any issues regarding their application. Make sure you resolve such issues on a timely basis.
  • If you are asking for certain sensitive information from your candidates, you should let them know why you are requesting it.
  • You should ask the candidates for their consent if you are to use their data for some purpose other than recruitment.
  • Notify the rejected candidates whether they would like to be contacted when a similar opening turns up in your company.

Lastly, you should be extra careful if you are into candidate sourcing.

  • Ask your prospects if they would like to receive job updates from your company.
  • If you are a recruiter, keep them informed about the companies to whom you would be sending their data. If possible, ask for their consent.

Jobsoid takes care of all the above aspects and ensures that you fulfill all the terms of GDPR without any hassles. Sign up for a free trial and explore our all in one recruiting software.

Kelly Barcelos

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