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How to collect interviewer’s feedback in Jobsoid?

Kelly Barcelos on April 26, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Interviewing candidates for your job roles is crucial in order to hire the best talent. Interviews help you in knowing your candidates and their skills better. It helps you understand whether the candidate would be a good fit for your organization or not.

Conducting interviews in the right manner is very essential for the success of your hiring process. An ideal interview process begins with interview scheduling and ends with making a successful hire. So, you need to plan out your entire interviewing process in order to make it more effective and efficient.

Scheduling an interview is the first step towards building an effective interviewing strategy. Next step is to make your entire hiring team a part of your recruitment process and asking them to share their feedback about the candidates.

We have learnt how to schedule an interview in our previous blog – Scheduling interview with Jobsoid. In this blog, we are going to learn how to collect interviewer’s feedback in Jobsoid.


Jobsoid allows you to rate your candidates on certain criteria that may or may not be directly related to the job role. These could be some soft skills, job skills, or any other skill. You can club all the skills belonging to a certain category together and display the same on the Review form.
Firstly, you will have to create the desired review criteria in Settings and then rate your candidates on the same. You can also write down a detailed feedback about your candidates in the Comments section of your review form.

This help article will surely give you an idea about how to set up review criteria – Adding review criteria for Candidate Evaluation


Jobsoid aggregates all the reviews a candidate receives from the team members and presents it in an intuitive scorecard. It also calculates an average of the scores received and rates the candidate profiles with an overall score.

How to collect interviewer’s feedback in Jobsoid?

In order to collect interviewer’s feedback, you need to first set review criteria for your job openings. This is usually done at the time of job creation. Once the review criteria are set, you are all set to rate your candidates.

Schedule an interview for your candidate and assign the required team members as the Interviewers. Your team can share their feedback about the candidates post the interview.

This help article will help you understand how to review candidate profiles in Jobsoid – Reviewing candidate profiles in Jobsoid

Jobsoid helps you streamline your entire interview process strategy with the help of smart interview scheduler and reviews. Sign up for your Free Jobsoid account today to get started!

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