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How to post a job on CareerBuilder?

Kelly Barcelos on November 24, 2021 in Insights

What is CareerBuilder?

CareerBuilder is one of the leading employment websites across the world. Founded in the year 1995, CareerBuilder has become the most trusted site for finding and advertising job opportunities. Using data-driven technology and personalized tools, CareerBuilder helps employers find great candidates according to their hiring requirements. It provides innovative solutions right from employment screening to recruiting for helping employers with finding, hiring, and managing their candidates.

CareerBuilder has an extensive database consisting of 125M+ resumes of candidates from across the world. It is reported that around 3M jobs are posted on CareerBuilder on a monthly basis. Over 150M candidate profiles are active on CareerBuilder. A significant number of candidates from this list are currently looking for job change as well.

CareerBuilder Features

CareerBuilder offers a host of features to ensure a seamless and effective job advertising process. It, in turn, helps you to streamline your recruitment process.

  1. Job Postings

    The main objective of CareerBuilder is to provide an innovative platform to employers like you for job advertising. You can post your jobs so that you can attract the right talent for your roles. CareerBuilder is also integrated with a number of sites for better job promotions. CareerBuilder helps you to post your jobs 5X times faster while at the same time, receive applications 3x times better. The smart AI engine also recommends the best candidate applications to you. Every time you receive a candidate application, the system will notify you about the same.

  2. Resume Search

    CareerBuilder has a rich database consisting of resumes of professionals from various industries. In addition to the resumes, this platform also checks candidates’ social profiles to gather more information about them. CareerBuilder has over 130 sources to collect more, better talent information. You can also use the semantic search feature to get precise candidate results in a lesser amount of time. The AI-based resume builder also plays a very important role in streamlining candidate search operations. It also offers some advanced filtering tools to search for desired candidates in a jiffy.

  3. Competitor Analysis

    Considering the shortage of good talent, it is necessary to stay ahead in the competition. CareerBuilder helps you learn about the competition for talent across various industries. You can get thorough insights into the current recruitment statistics. This could be the salary insights, the benefits offered to the candidates, or any other initiatives for employee wellbeing. CareerBuilder helps you achieve this via an intelligent analytics tool.

How to post a job on CareerBuilder?

  • Click on ‘For Employers’ on the top right side of the screen
  • Now, enter your job title in the given textbox and click on Get Started button
  • Enter the job location and click on the Next button
  • Click on Post this Job button to post your job opening on CareerBuilder
  • You will have to update all the details about your job opening such as an accurate address, compensation details, required skills, etc.
  • Upon customizing your job as per your requirements, you need to add in your payment details and complete the job posting

You can also post your jobs on CareerBuilder in just one click without actually carrying out all these steps. Jobsoid will help you achieve this without any manual efforts. All you need to do is publish your jobs on Jobsoid and it will be automatically posted on CareerBuilder with a click of a button. This is possible only because Jobsoid is integrated with CareerBuilder for job advertising.

Furthermore, Jobsoid also has a free library of over 1000+ ready-to-use job descriptions templates to help you craft the perfect job description.  You can also customize these job descriptions to suit your hiring requirements. Remember that job description plays a major role in attracting qualified talent to your jobs.

CareerBuilder Pricing Plans

CareerBuilder does not offer job listings for free. You will have to subscribe to one of their paid plans in order to advertise your job openings. The pricing plans are Lite, Standard, Pro, and Build Your Own Plan and these plans start from a monthly plan of $219 for a single job posting. CareerBuilder also offers an Enterprise solution for hiring teams having higher job posting requirements.

It is no doubt that job advertising on CareerBuilder is expensive. However, you can avail of some discounts on the plans by subscribing to annual billing packages.

Wrapping up

CareerBuilder is one of the best sites for finding the top candidates for your jobs. Now that you know how to post a job on CareerBuilder in a seamless manner, you can start with job advertising on CareerBuilder. You can sign up for a free Jobsoid account right away and hire your dream team!

Kelly Barcelos

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