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How you can manage your candidates efficiently by using Jobsoid?

Kelly Barcelos on December 17, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

Hiring candidates for your roles, today, has become more difficult. For every job you post, you receive thousands of candidate applications. Going through each and every job application manually is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Using an applicant tracking system or a recruitment software that helps you simplify this task and speed up your hiring process, thus becomes the need of the hour. Recruiting software like Jobsoid have all the necessary tools to help you manage your candidates seamlessly, in lesser time.

Jobsoid has all the advanced and modern candidate management tools. These tools will not just help you manage your candidates but also help you deliver a great candidate experience.

How can you manage your candidates efficiently by using Jobsoid?

Now, let us look at the tools that Jobsoid offers for seamless candidate management.

  1. Online Talent Pool

    It is always advisable to receive all candidate applications in one place for a seamless candidate management. You should not be required to toggle between multiple browser tabs in order to review your candidates.

    Jobsoid helps you receive all candidate applications, no matter what source, in a centralized online talent pool. Whether you post your jobs on leading job boards or your candidates email their resumes to you, Jobsoid presents them to you in a structured talent database. You can access the desired candidate profile in just one click.

  2. Structured Candidate Profiles

    All candidate information that you are looking for ought to be present in one place, in a comprehensible layout. Jobsoid presents important information about candidates in a structured manner.

    You have a bird’s eye view of candidate information with quick access to candidate’s resume, and other important documents. In addition to this, you can also know about assigned tasks, upcoming interviews, as well as your team’s feedback on the profiles. Furthermore, you can also track the candidate communication thread, directly on their profiles.

  3. Custom Recruitment Workflow

    Having a well-defined recruitment process in place is said to improve and speed up the hiring of your organization. It helps you manage and maintain all your tasks in a centralized system, online.

    Jobsoid helps you define and design your custom recruitment workflow in just a few clicks. You can add new stages or modify the existing ones to suit your existing hiring workflow. Furthermore, you can also configure your hiring workflow to send out recruitment updates and other messages to your candidates. This process can also be automated and such emails can be automatically sent as your candidates move through various stages of your recruitment pipeline.

    In addition to this, you can also assign tasks to your team automatically. This will also help you in better team collaboration.

  4. Smart Filter Intelligence

    Reviewing hundreds of candidate applications to shortlist the best ones consumes a lot of time. You need a system that automatically skims through all the applications you have received and helps you shortlist the best ones.

    Jobsoid offers you an AI-powered Smart Filter Intelligence that makes candidate shortlisting a breeze for you and your team. The Jobsoid’s Intelligence Engine evaluates every candidate based on his/her relevancy to your job requirements and assigns them a score. The candidate list is then sorted to show you the best-fit candidates.

  5. Advanced Filters

    Jobsoid eases the process of categorizing the candidate profiles furthermore with other advanced filters. You can filter out candidate profiles based on their job preference, location, source of their application and the interviewer’s ratings.

    You can also sort these profiles based on the stages which they are in your recruitment workflow. Furthermore, you can save your filter selections as a Saved Filter and use it as and when required in future.

These are some of the advanced tools about how you can manage your candidates efficiently by using Jobsoid. You can sign up for a free Jobsoid account to try out how Jobsoid will help you manage your candidates.

Kelly Barcelos

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