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Jobsoid Receives Two Recognitions from Crozdesk

Kelly Barcelos on November 3, 2020 in Applicant Tracking System

We are thrilled to announce that Jobsoid has received two recognitions from Crozdesk, a business software discovery platform.

Jobsoid has been awarded Quality Choice Recognition in Top Ranked Solution 2020 Category and Trusted Vendor Recognition in High Market Presence 2020 List.

About Crozdesk

Crozdesk is a software discovery platform that aims at helping buyers find software products according to their requirements. Since its inception in the year 2014, thousands of software products belonging to about 280+ categories have been listed on Crozdesk.

This platform covers software belonging to marketing, recruiting, accounting, design, sales, and many other industries. Crozdesk employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to run algorithms for ranking software products. Their intelligent algorithm analyses large volumes of data to rate the software solutions with a score fondly named as the Crozscore. Software performance, user satisfaction as well as features also play a major role in deciding the Crozscore.

To sum up, the purpose of Crozdesk is to rate software solutions and recommend them to the desired software buyers.

Jobsoid receives two recognitions from Crozdesk

Jobsoid has scored 85/100 points in the Applicant Tracking System category. This score is an aggregate score of press buzz (38/100), user satisfaction (85/100), user trends (rising), and a whole lot of other criteria.

The buzz score is the score every software receives for how popular it is in the software solution market. This includes the approximate number of users, social mentions, press releases, and other factors.

Meanwhile, user reviews and satisfaction talks about the total number of ratings and reviews your software has received on Crozdesk and other platforms.

In addition to this, there are a number of other factors that decide the Crozscore. This includes software functionality, social media presence, user metrics, and many others.

We are happy to announce that Jobsoid has received two recognitions from Crozdesk namely Quality Choice recognition and Trusted Vendor recognition respectively.

Crozdesk awards Quality Choice badge to those solutions that set themselves apart from their competitors. This could be in terms of software quality, its user base, and the support it offers.

Jobsoid receives Quality Choice - Top Ranked Solution 2020 Badge from Crozdesk

Also, Crozdesk awards software solutions with the Trusted Vendor badge when a particular software has a huge market presence. In addition to this, Crozdesk’s AI ranking engine scans through various channels to determine the reach and the approximate number of users for the said solution.

Jobsoid receives Trusted Vendor - High Market Presence 2020 Badge from Crozdesk

You can also write your review about Jobsoid on our Crozdesk page!

Jobsoid – The Only Recruitment Software You Ever Need!

These recognitions from Crozdesk have boosted our confidence. We look forward to introducing some amazing features and functionality to ease your recruitment efforts.

Users from all over the world say that Jobsoid has streamlined their recruitment process. It has not only simplified their hiring but also helped them hire talented professionals faster. So, sign up for your Free Jobsoid account and optimize your hiring processes.


Kelly Barcelos

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