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Know How to Increase your HR Productivity with ATS Software 

Kelly Barcelos on February 12, 2024 in Applicant Tracking System

Key Highlights

  • An applicant tracking system makes your recruiting process easy, increasing HR productivity.
  • HR should use a scalable ATS system for tracking and managing job applicants.
  • Using Jobsoid helps recruit the best-fit candidates by automating job postings.

In today’s dynamic and competitive job market, many resumes for each open position flood in. Here, the ATS software plays a crucial role for companies in managing and sorting this vast pool of applicants. As per current surveys, the global market for applicant tracking systems will reach USD 3.40 billion by 2031. The ATS helps the company’s HR team get better results and reduce the time-to-hire.

Yet, there are still many companies left who want to know how ATS helps HR work. So, learn how this system can help you increase your chances of progressing through the initial stages of the recruitment process.

What is the effectiveness of ATS in human resources?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are great software tools used in human resources, from streamlining the recruitment process to automating job application collection, sorting, and management. Nothing can beat the efficiency of ATS. Yet, the effectiveness of ATS varies depending on several factors. Let’s have a look.

  • Filters resume (based on keywords)

    Pressing CTRL + F to find the right thing in the ocean of words is very easy. With an excellent applicant tracking system, you need to enter the right keywords. This will lead you to find qualified candidates. Hence, it is the fastest way to sort resumes. Plus, it lowers the chances of missing out on any crucial information.

  • Scans and sorts candidate application

    How does ATS help HR? Integrating your ATS system with other HR systems can provide a seamless candidate recruitment experience. Its built-in or integrated resume-parsing features act as your co-pilot. It even works to shortlist the standout candidates whose resume matches the pre-determined criteria. This leads to faster and more effective hiring.

  • Monitors candidate’s journey

    The applicant tracking software acts like a unified dashboard and helps to track where the candidates are in the hiring cycle. For example, if ten candidates have qualified for the position, the system will show whether each candidate is a new applicant or if they are in the interview stage.

How does an applicant tracking system aid an HR manager?

For organizations, human resource productivity plays a huge role. Here, the ideal applicant tracking system aids an HR manager in filling a vacancy and the ideal role.

  • Saves cost-per-hire

    Currently, 97.4 percent of Fortune 500 companies use the ATS system because it saves on cost per hire. The hiring process for a company varies and can sometimes be very costly, depending on the job role and the candidate’s experience level.

    Integrating an automated applicant tracking system helps HR managers focus on the most qualified candidates. It even helps to reduce the cost and time spent reviewing resumes and the selection process.

  • Reduces time to hire

    Automating the process of parsing and extracting information from resumes helps review resumes. They can complete the final recruitment process with more ease. They can check each candidate’s status during the interview stages and final hiring decisions.

  • Helps manage applications

    An ATS allows recruiters to post vacancies on many job boards and social media platforms. In fact, with a few clicks, they can manage the applications for a particular job post. The ATS system can screen and filter applicants based on predefined criteria.

  • Schedules interviews

    The recruiting and end-to-end hiring process is no doubt a hectic task. But it hits harder if scheduling interviews and arranging the processes are done manually. There could also be a lack of positive outcomes due to poor communication between the company owners. This is a significant issue, as companies have to fill job vacancies even with eligible and qualified candidates.

  • Improves the quality of hires

    The ATS system scans all the available resources. It ensures no key insights are missed. Utilizing the candidates’ ideal screening and matching capabilities, recruiters can spot the best-qualified candidates and ask them to proceed to the next round of interviews.

How can HR improve performance with ATS software?

Implementing an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) is a robust and strategic move. It enhances HR operations in an organization. Besides, the system streamlines and automates the recruitment process, allowing HR professionals to manage large volumes of applications.

Integrating an ATS increases efficiency, improves candidate experience, and leads to better-informed decision-making in HR operations.

Summing Up

ATS software improves human resource productivity. It is a powerful tool for all HR professionals seeking the best outcome in talent acquisition activities. Moreover, it is advisable to integrate an easy-to-use recruitment software like Jobsoid into your hiring process. With this, an organization’s HR team can receive an ideal solution in the recruitment process. Book a free demo today!

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