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What is Pre-Employment Screening?

Kelly Barcelos on April 8, 2021 in Glossary

Hiring the right candidates involves a lot more than just judging the applicants on their skill set. You need to ensure that the candidates fit into your company culture and help promote your employer brand. Conducting pre-employment screening can help you achieve this.

What is pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening in simpler terms is performing background checks to validate the details and personal/professional information provided by the candidate. Besides helping you choose reliable candidates; pre-employment screening can also streamline your hiring process.

Before you get started with pre-employment screening, here is everything you need to know to benefit from the inclusion of this step in your hiring process.

What are the different types pre-employment screenings?

  • Personality and skill tests

    These tests will help you ascertain the employees’ personality traits and identify their expertise. Both of these tests determine how well an employee can perform in a given situation. Additionally, it also helps judge whether the candidate’s skillset holds the capability to take up the job responsibilities.

  • Job knowledge and cognitive skills test

    With tests covering questions on job knowledge, you will be able to identify candidates possessing the ability to take up the job responsibility. In addition to this, you can also judge the cognitive abilities of a candidate to determine if they own good critical thinking abilities, a detail-oriented approach, and the ability to work in a team, and so on.

    Apart from measuring the candidates’ theoretical knowledge, you can include questions to determine their emotional quotient. These tests will help you understand how well your employees will bond with each other and perform in a team.

    Apart from these tests, some of the other forms of pre-employment screening include public record screening, criminal history screening, and lie detector tests.

What is covered in pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening involves verifying the candidate’s identity details such as name, residential address, and contact numbers. In addition to this, criminal history, past employment/educational background, and credit history are also accounted for.

Why is pre-employment screening important?

Let us take a look at how you can benefit from pre-employment screening.

  • To verify the candidate’s personal and professional details

    Failing to perform background checks on candidates can make you hire applicants that are either unqualified or are unreliable. Both of which can hinder the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. Candidates, at times, tend to include personal and professional details that are incorrect just to land the job offer. This is a sign of dishonesty and a trait you would want your employees to possess. Besides, it can also involve legal complications.

  • To maintain a safe workplace environment

    Pre-employment screening helps minimize your company’s liability and safeguard the privacy of other employees. Since you need to deal with external stakeholders, vendors regularly and exchange sensitive information, undertaking a background check on potential employees is crucial.

  • To quicken and smarten your hiring process

    The hiring process on its own can get overwhelming at times. Skipping on doing background checks on potential employees can further make the process more frustrating. So, to streamline your hiring process and employ the services of reliable and qualified candidates, pre-employment screening is a must.

Why pre-employment screening should be a part of your hiring process?

The more information you gather on potential recruits, the more streamlined will be your hiring process. You can initiate background checks by thoroughly reviewing candidate’s social media profiles or by contacting past employers or the personal references cited in their resumes. However, crafting emails to each of the references or contacting them over a call can be tiresome and often unsuccessful. To avoid such hindrances, you should shift to a recruiting software that automates the entire reference check process.

Jobsoid, an all-in-one recruiting software with its automated reference check feature lets you confirm the credibility and efficiency of a candidate in no time. Thus, helping you hire candidates that perfectly match the job requirements. You can send an email to past employers without spending long hours drafting one. You can authenticate the candidate’s credibility by picking one from the ready-to-use email templates from Jobsoid.

In addition to this, Jobsoid also lets you upgrade to a smarter recruiting process by allowing the referee to not only verify the candidate details but also rate their profiles to further expedite the hiring process.

To make all this happen, all you need to do is get started with Jobsoid’s 14-days free trial. The recruiting software also offers other features such as job advertising on premium job boards, social media recruiting, team collaboration and others. Register today to experience smart recruiting at your fingertips!

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