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5 Valid Reasons to Choose Resume Parsing for Hiring  

Anjali Saini on February 9, 2024 in Applicant Tracking System

Key Highlights

  • Resuming parsing automates the resume analysis, extracting key details about candidates like qualifications, experience, and skills.
  • The online resume parser streamlines the hiring process and reduces the time spent on initial candidate screening.
  • With the right resume parsing software, you can make the best decisions based on accurate data extraction.

When you are tired of handling a mountain of resumes, CV parsing can be a game-changer solution. It ensures accuracy in candidate evaluation and speeds up the recruitment process. Earlier, the manual hiring process was a hectic task. Almost 76% of hiring managers admitted that attracting the right candidate is difficult.

But now, this innovative technology has reshaped the hiring process. It also changes the way recruiting managers engage and assess potential candidates.

So, let’s learn what does resume parsing mean, its features, and how it is beneficial for recruiters.

What is resume parsing in ATS?

Resume parsing in the ATS, or applicant tracking system, is one of the significant advancements in recruitment technology. Its sophisticated process makes the data extraction process easier. Therefore, many staffing agencies are adopting this technology to increase productivity.

Currently, 94% of HR managers report that ATS benefits their hiring process. It is because the resume ATS checker can easily identify suitable candidates. The CV parsing in ATS also allows for real-time communication with the candidates. Also, it stores candidates’ information to eliminate repetitive information-collecting tasks.

How does resume parsing help recruiters?

A parse resume can bring several benefits to the table in finding the best-fit candidates for an available position. If you want to know how it can help you, read ahead.

  1. Saves your time

    Resume parsing acts as a time-saving tool for recruiters. Instead of spending hours on piles of resumes, the parsing tool does the heavy lifting. It uses specific keywords related to jobs and checks which candidate is most suitable for the job position. Since it automates everything, you can make sound decisions.

  2. Reduces human error

    Using resume parsing software is also helpful in eliminating human mishaps. As the process becomes automated, it helps you conduct error-free hiring. The software only grabs the important information from the resume with limited human intervention. It further ensures an accurate candidate screening process.

  3. Enhances search

    The resume scanner also elevates the search capabilities of recruiters. With the ability to quickly identify specific skills and qualifications, it can pinpoint the right candidates. So, it serves as a smart assistant that helps businesses find exactly what they need.

  4. Integrates with ATS

    Seamless integration with the ATS resume checker is a key strength of the parsing technology. 78% of recruiters said that using ATS helps find candidates quickly. So, this integration will further ensure the collected data flows into the broader hiring workflow. The best part is that you can use the power of parsing without interfering with their existing system.

  5. Draft quick summaries

    Another significant advantage of using resume parsing software is its ability to generate quick summaries. Staffing agencies or recruiters can easily have insights into a candidate’s profile to prioritize top candidates.

What are the features of resume parsing software?

To know how to parse resumes, you must know the features of resume parsing solutions. So, here it is:

  1. Powered by AI

    Popular resume parsing software uses AI to get accurate results. The AI capabilities allow the software to enhance its parsing accuracy continuously. As a result, it will adapt to evolving resume formats and language nuances.

  2. Supports multiple languages

    Having multilingual support is crucial when you are running an international business. Therefore, most CV parsing software has multiple language options to understand resumes from different candidates.

  3. Configures various data

    Every applicant is different, and so are their resumes. The resume scanner can be adjusted to understand several kinds of information. It is more like getting a tool that understands your needs and ensures you have all the details that matter the most. Therefore, it can be helpful whether you are searching for applicants with particular qualifications or specialized skills.

  4. Imports in bulk

    If you need to handle a lot of resumes in one day, this software is your savior. With the right resume parsing software, you can go through stacks of resumes in less time. Also, there will be no errors in the entire candidate-finding process.

  5. Integrates with the email inbox

    One of the significant features of the right resume parser is that it integrates with the email inbox. It implies that recruiters can fetch candidate data from different emails at once. This feature allows HR managers to collect data from scanned resumes to shortlist candidates.

Final Thoughts

Resume parsing is not only a tool but also a partner of the recruiters in the hiring process. It eliminates the need to read every resume separately and saves you time while hiring.

So, when you are looking to hire the right candidate, consider Jobsoid as it integrates the best resume parsing software. Contact us today to make your hiring easy and quick.

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