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What Is Culture-Fit? & How to Hire Culture-Fit candidates on Social Media?

Kelly Barcelos on April 21, 2021 in HR Management

Social media is a great platform to advertise jobs, interact with candidates, and find the right talent. Most importantly, these platforms can help you put across your company culture and talent brand to potential recruits.

A culturally fit candidate possesses values and beliefs that resonate with your company’s core values or the one who wishes to adapt to them. Hiring culturally fit candidates ensures better team involvement and company success.

Since the candidates you hire ultimately reflect your company culture, it is prudent to define your company culture before you begin recruiting.

Take a look at how you can boost your company culture to find befitting candidates on various social media networks.

What Is Culture-Fit?

A candidate’s chance of being able to fit in and adapt to the fundamental principles and prevailing behaviours that define an organisation is referred to as their cultural fit. Human resource departments evaluate applicants for jobs using two criteria: cultural fit and functional fit. During the interview stage of the recruiting process, cultural fit—which is about soft skills and personal goals—is often evaluated.

How to Hire Culture-Fit Candidates on Social Media?

  • Prepare and define your company’s core values

    Whether your company is in its initial stages or otherwise, defining and putting across your company culture is important. Spend time noting down what your company’s core values are and how you wish to aid those to the company’s success.

    Documenting the company culture will offer the candidates an outline of what they are expected to uphold. This in turn will help in better candidate selection and a fruitful recruiting process.

  • Let your company’s website put across your values

    Your company’s website should mirror the core values you stand for. Doing so will ensure that the candidates accessing your company profile or website have an understanding of your beliefs.

    Link your social media posts on corporate ethos to your website or blog. Alternatively, you can also ask your existing employees to create video testimonials mentioning their journey with the company until now.

  • Craft job descriptions to indicate company culture

    Your job posts offer the initial overview of your company to potential candidates. So, you can attract culturally fit candidates by creating job descriptions depicting the same. Alternatively, you can also browse through recruiting software like Jobsoid to pick from free job description templates suiting your job requirements.

    Lastly, do not miss on including a closing statement that links to your company’s website or mentions your core values in the job descriptions themselves. Since job descriptions give the first impression, use them to attract the right set of culturally fit candidates.

  • Rework your interview process

    Your hiring process should offer the candidates an overview of your company culture. Failing this, you may end up recruiting candidates that do not display the right behaviour or those that do not have the attributes you expect of them.

    Let the candidates know the job role and your company culture during the initial screening process. Thus, helping you save time and effort in hiring the best fit.

  • Pose questions relating to your company culture

    To filter several candidates and find the culturally fitting ones, it is best to ask them not only skill-based questions but those that judge their aptitude as well.

    Also, while asking personality/culture-specific questions, pay close attention to the candidate’s body language as well. You can begin by questions such as these:

    Have you read through our company values?
    What did you resonate with the most?
    What makes you work for this company?
    Do you believe in teamwork and what getting recognized means to you?

These pointers are sure to help you boost your company culture. It will also help you recruit culture-fit candidates on social media faster. However, avail the services of recruitment software to get in touch with individuals resonating with your company culture faster. Besides helping connect with like-minded individuals, it also aids build a strong internet community.

Jobsoid, lets you catch the attention of the right candidates via the social sharing feature it offers. Additionally, this all-in-one recruitment software helps expand your reach in no time. You can connect with potential recruits on various social networks, targeting both passive and active candidates in one go. Moreover, the software also allows you to share your job posts on leading job boards as per your preference.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, get your company culture in the spotlight with Jobsoid. Capture the attention of culturally fit candidates and up your social media recruiting game at once.

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