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Text Recruiting

Kelly Barcelos on August 16, 2021 in Glossary

Leveraging text recruiting for hiring top talent helps in better candidate engagement, faster recruitment process, and strengthening employer branding. In this guide, we discuss text recruiting, its benefits, and its impact on your existing recruiting processes.

What is Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting is basically using text messaging for recruiting. It is using text messages to promote your job openings, source and engage candidates in your hiring process, and communicate with applicants. In addition to this, you can also use text messaging for scheduling interviews and following up about the same. Moreover, with the right approach, text marketing can be an effective way to streamline the recruitment process and attract top talent to your organization. When combined with text recruiting strategies, it can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to build a strong and dynamic team.

Text messaging offers you a quick and easy medium to get in touch with your candidates.

Is Text Recruiting Effective?

Yes, text recruiting is indeed effective. Text recruiting offers many benefits to recruiters and hiring managers. Here are some of the text messaging statistics that you ought to read.

  • According to Nexxt, 73% of job seekers prefer to receive information about job opportunities via text messages.
  • As per the survey conducted by Indeed, 78% of candidates who have a smartphone prefer to apply for new jobs through their mobile devices.
  • According to Undercover Recruiter, 45% of candidates use their mobile phones to search for job openings on a daily basis.
  • According to Trumpia, text messages have a read rate of 98%. This ensures that texting candidates post-application will help you build a relationship with your candidates.

Why do Recruiters Prefer Text Messaging in Recruitment?

#1 – Text messaging offers a quicker way to grab your candidates’ attention.

Text messaging has turned out to be the fastest mode of communication today. Emails are said to have taken a backseat with the introduction of text recruiting. It is noted that everyone has access to their mobile phones. Texting your candidates also helps you grab the attention of your candidates quickly.

#2 – Text messaging is an efficient way to reach out to candidates and engage them in your hiring process.

Candidates are usually contacted by many recruiters every day. Your email is likely to get lost amidst these emails. Text messaging offers a feasible way to reach out to candidates. Furthermore, you can also engage your candidates in your recruitment process and make faster hires.

#3 – Text messaging accelerates the screening and hiring process.

Communication is the most important key to successful recruiting. Text messaging will help simplify your communication strategy and speed up your hiring process. It will also boost your recruitment efforts by a great deal.

#4 – Text messaging makes it convenient to schedule interviews.

In addition to notifying your candidates about job openings and getting them interested in your job roles, you can use text messaging to schedule interviews. Rather than using long emails or phone calls to decide a time for the interview, you can just send a text and coordinate the interview timings.

#5 – Text messaging creates a more personalized candidate experience.

Most candidates today prefer companies who put their candidates first. With text messaging, you can create a friendly atmosphere for your candidates and make them feel comfortable. Thus, by sharing regular recruitment updates, your candidates feel that you actually care about them.

#6 – Text messaging helps in strengthening your employer branding.

By leveraging text messaging in recruitment, you are introducing modern recruitment strategies and practices in your company. You can also promote your company culture, describe your work processes, promote your talent brand, and much more with the help of text messages.

Dos and Don’ts of Text Messaging in Recruitment

  • Ask permission to text
  • Stick to the guidelines
  • Stay on point
  • Stay professional
  • Do not use your personal phone
  • Do not spam
  • Never send lengthy texts
  • Do not send messages that could be easily misinterpreted

Best Practices for Text Recruiting

Having tried text recruiting for over a year, we have compiled this list of effective tips that you can implement to get your text recruiting strategy to work wonders for you.

  • Introduce yourself to your candidates. Remember that you are not the only recruiter who has been in touch with the candidate. Hence, introducing yourself by telling them more about the company you work for and why you are texting them would be a good practice.
  • Personalize the messages you send out to your candidates. Ensure that you run spell checks on the same. You can also ask your colleagues to review the messages for you.
  • Do not use slang, sarcasm, sensitive news, and/or acronyms in your message content.
  • Be professional, polite, and genuine while communicating with your candidates.
  • Be mindful about the time you send messages to your candidates. Ensure that it is during working hours.
  • Reply promptly in case your candidates contact you with their questions and queries.
  • Ensure that you keep your candidates informed about their hiring status. This holds true even if the candidate is rejected.
  • Always provide a clear method for opting out of text messaging

How to choose the best text recruiting software?

Choosing the best text recruiting software is a tedious task. Jobsoid is here to simplify this task for you. Jobsoid is an all-in-one recruitment software that offers you text recruiting in addition to a host of other features. It helps you simplify and optimize your processes to hire better, and faster.

Here are some of the features that Jobsoid offers you to get started with text recruiting.

  • You can send text messages to your candidates without using any external third-party text messaging software or your mobile phone. Jobsoid allows you to send SMS to your candidates directly from their profiles.
  • With Jobsoid, you can automatically send text messages to your candidates by configuring your hiring workflow. So, when your candidates move across various stages of your workflow, Jobsoid sends messages to your candidates on your behalf.
  • Jobsoid also keeps a log of all the text messages so that you can refer them in the future.
  • Jobsoid allows you to purchase SMS credits according to your requirements. You can also view a detailed log of the charges for every message sent.

Sign up for a Free Jobsoid account today and get started with text recruiting!

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