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Top 5 Reports Your ATS Must Have

Kelly Barcelos on October 1, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

Putting in excellent efforts for your recruitment process without finding out whether it is beneficial or yielding the desired results is a waste of time. That is why monitoring the performance of your recruitment process on a regular basis is important for its efficiency.

The question that now arises is how to measure the efficiency of your recruitment process. Is it dependent on the number of hires you make in a month? Or is it the amount of time you take to make a successful hire? The correct answer here is both. You simply cannot rely on one parameter or two parameters to monitor the efficiency of your recruitment process. It is an amalgamation of multiple factors like hiring sources, time to hire, team efforts, referral performance, and a lot more. The time taken by candidates to move from one stage to another, candidate rejections and application withdrawals, and referral applications also play a great role in keeping a track of your hiring performance.

Applicant tracking systems like Jobsoid offers you excellent, intuitive reports to monitor the performance of your hiring process. You can use these reports to gain insights into recruiting performance, identify the bottlenecks and challenges in your hiring process and streamline your recruitment efforts accordingly.

In this blog, we will learn about the top 5 reports that will help you in revamping your hiring processes.

Top 5 Reports Your ATS Must Have

  1. Source Performance Report

    As the name suggests, this report gives you an overview of the performance of your jobs on various channels and the applications coming from these sources. You can assign your hiring channels to various categories such as Portal, Social, and Others for better classification. This will help you focus largely on the channels that are receiving a better response for your job openings. It also gives you a fair idea about how your jobs are doing by comparing the same with that of the previous month. Source performance report helps you monitor your job performance to help you take desired actions to increase their reach.

  2. Pipeline Status Report

    The Pipeline Status Report gives you an updated status of your recruitment pipeline showing the number of candidates in each of the pipeline stages. Furthermore, this report also gives you the number of candidates present in various hiring stages for individual jobs as well. With the help of this report, you can have a quick glance at the number of applicants in different stages of the recruitment pipeline and stay informed at all times.

  3. Time to Hire Report

    The Time to Hire Report allows you to track how fast candidates move through your recruitment process right from sourcing to hiring. This report will help you identify the bottlenecks in your recruitment process while giving you insights about the time required to fill the role and the time required to hire the candidates. It also states the number of candidates who have been hired in the selected date range. Furthermore, it also gives you a list of candidates along with the jobs they applied for, application date, etc. in a tabular format.

  4. Candidate Applications Report

    As the name suggests, the Candidate Applications Report gives you a complete log of candidate applications received for every job opening you post. It gives you candidate details such as candidate name, job name, email, phone, etc. in an easy-to-view format. You can generate this report according to the department you work for and various other criteria.

  5. Team Productivity Report

    The Team Productivity Report gives you an overview of all team activity to help you determine where the majority of effort is spent during recruitment. You can monitor the productivity and efficiency of your hiring team via this report. You can track the activity of every user, no matter his/her user permissions. This report tracks and notes down activities such as the number of candidates sourced by the user and the number of comments added. Furthermore, it also tracks the number of interviews scheduled, the number of reviews added, as well as the number of emails sent. It also tracks the number of candidates rejected or hired by the said user. The team’s overall activity is also shared in numerical as well as graphical format.

These were the top 5 reports every ATS must have.

Why you should use Jobsoid Reports?

Jobsoid Reports have numerous benefits. They can aid you in streamlining your recruitment process to make better hires.

  • Excellent visuals – Every report in Jobsoid is easy to generate and is presented in an intuitive format.
  • Easy customizations – You can customize the reports in just a few clicks according to your requirements.
  • Quick Exports – You can export your reports in various formats that include Excel and PDF.
  • One-click Reports Printing – You can also print your reports with just one click of a button.

Recruiting Performance at your fingertips

Monitor every step of your recruiting performance to identify and track what works the best for you. Also, identify the challenges you face in order to find a solution that works in your favor. Let Jobsoid be your hiring companion! Sign up for a Free Jobsoid Account today and make your hiring processes more effective.

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