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Top 8 Best Job Boards to Hire Graphic Designers

Poonam Jamuni on April 4, 2021 in Insights

Recruiting candidates for Graphic Designer’s position can be very challenging lately. Since there are various job roles available for Design industry such as Illustrator, Web Designer, Visual Designer, finding the best talent gets tedious over time. As a result of which, looking for desired candidates will require a structured and simplified recruiting process. The first step towards finding the best talent is job advertising.

There are many job boards available that are used exclusively for finding, sourcing, and hiring design professionals. We have come up with a list of job boards that you can use to hire some of the best candidates in the market.

Before that, let us see some of the details you as an employer should be aware of before you hire a Graphic Designer.

First of all, what is a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is a professional who is responsible for creating visual design that communicates with the target audience. An ideal candidate should have outstanding knowledge about typography and color theory. In addition to this, he/she should perform manipulation and retouch of the images.

How to evaluate a Graphic Designer?

  • Whether the candidate is familiar with the industry.
  • How proficient is the candidate in using graphic design software such as Illustrator, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  • How creative is the candidate.
  • Whether the candidate is able to communicate well.
  • Whether they are able to manage time.

Now that you have a basic idea about the Graphic Designer’s role, you are ready to hire the best Graphic Design for your company. All you need to do is use these job boards to advertise your job vacancies to make the best hire as fast as possible.

Here are the top 7 job boards to hire Graphic Designers.

  1. Dribbble

    Dribble is among the popular job board for hiring the world’s best designers. You will be able to find the most talented and creative people across the globe on this platform. As per the reports, more than 60K companies have hired Graphics Designers and other creative people from Dribbble.

    This job board is actively assisting companies to find talented and high-quality candidates. Some of the companies using Dribbble are Google, Dropbox, Apple, Facebook, and many more.

  2. Behance

    Behance is another powerful job board you should advertise your jobs to look for outstanding Graphic Designers. This site is designed for Adobe Creative users by Adobe to display their work. You can hire candidates from Behance via their membership only. In addition to this, you can also explore candidate’s portfolios.

    By checking the prospective candidate’s portfolio, you can make a better hiring decision and thus, reduce your hiring time.

  3. Designhill

    Designhill is the next best portal exclusively for advertising Graphic Designer jobs. You can visit the potential candidate’s profiles and check out their submitted work on this platform. This job board provides design such as website design, social media posts, logo design, and many more.

    You can request a free quote from Designhill to know about their pricing planning as per your requirements.

  4. Upwork

    Upwork has the world’s best platform to hire high-quality designers. Using this platform, you can shortlist candidates per your design requirements. Also, you can browse through their highly rated and most reviewed design professionals. This job board is trusted by around 5M businesses across the globe.

    You can pay the candidates as per the project specification. However, you can also pay on an hourly basis while keeping yourself updated about the candidate’s work progress.

  5. DesignWeekJobs

    DesignWeekJobs is another leading website that is dedicated to hiring creative professionals. It is reported that this job board attracts over 50,000 unique users every month. In addition to this, it has over 85,000 job alert subscribers every month.

    This job board will assist you in hiring both active as well as passive candidates. You can choose from their pricing plans as per your hiring needs. You can also promote your job advertisements to list them on the top of the search results page.

  6. TheLoop

    TheLoop is one of the leading job boards to hire the best creative talent. You can attract, engage, and connect to the candidates faster using TheLoop. You can shortlist candidates as per your job requirements. Furthermore, you can check candidates’ profiles and contact them directly.

    You can receive more applicants by promoting your brand with the help of featured ads on this job board. By doing this, you will be able to increase your job advertisement visibility as well as reach.

  7. AuthenticJobs

    AuthenticJobs is a leading and famous job board for designers and creative professionals. You can hire some of the best talents from here faster. You can opt from their 2 job packages which include standard and featured job listing.

    In addition to this, you can edit, review and manage your job advertisement using their job monitory dashboard.


    Graphically is a popular unlimited-graphic-design subscription service. Their dedicated team of top designers is carefully selected through an in-house hiring process, and they only hire less than 1% of applicants, ensuring the highest quality work. With unlimited designs and revisions, you’ll have a trusted partner who can bring your vision to life and make timely updates as needed.

These were the top 7 job boards you can use to hire Graphic Designers.

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