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Why are Video Questionnaires preferred over Textual Questionnaires?

Kelly Barcelos on January 27, 2021 in Applicant Tracking System

The correct use of technology can streamline your hiring process. Doing so offers an improved experience to both job seekers and employers. While you can hire talented candidates, the applicants can engage positively with your employer brand.

A smart way by which you can enhance your recruiting process is via video interviews. Apart from simplifying your hiring efforts, it also helps you filter top talent from a pool of hundreds of candidates. You can easily scan candidates that oversell their job knowledge, own intangible skills, or those that have no/least job requirements.

That said, this method of online recruiting is lately gaining popularity owing to the various other benefits it extends.

What is video interviewing?

Simply put, video interviewing is screening candidates virtually. You can conduct video interviews via online communication tools or by registering with recruiting software like Jobsoid.

Video interviewing, among other features, lets you include an online questionnaire -a simple addition to fasten the hiring process and candidate screening.

Video questionnaires can either be in a pre-recorded format or on a real-time basis. While the former offers more flexibility to the candidates, the latter more convenience to the hiring managers. Irrespective of the format you opt for, its advantages weigh higher than textual questionnaires.

Video Questionnaires vs Textual Questionnaires – What is better?

Video questionnaires vs textual questionnaires is a topic of long debate. To help you understand better, here are the benefits video questionnaires offer over textual questionnaires.

  • Lessens recruiting time

    Including video questionnaires lets you screen your candidates faster. You avoid wasting time searching through a pile of textual questionnaires. At the same time, you can save time on conducting face-to-face interviews for preliminary screening. So, you can scan more candidates in a fraction of time via this method.

  • Spots best-fit candidates faster

    Adding a video questionnaire allows you to view candidates’ responses and conduct visual screening simultaneously. So, you can enhance your hiring process by picking the best-fits quicker.

  • Facilitates candidate engagement

    Video interviews /video questionnaires help in making your recruiting game stronger. These recorded interviewing methods are likely to portray your brand in a good light and to have a strong base digitally. Thus, candidates tend to see your brand as reliable over your competitors.

  • Avoids no-shows

    Since the questionnaire is conducted over a digital platform, you avoid getting no-shows. All that you need to do is send an email to the candidate mentioning the steps to answer the questionnaire. The applicant can then fill in the answers at a time that best suits their availability.

  • Surpasses geographical boundaries

    Video questionnaires are the best way to review top talent from far and near. A stable internet connection is all you need to review candidates in different geographical locations and time zones.

  • Increases online ranking

    Videos attract a higher ranking than other forms of visual representations. So, including a video questionnaire is bound to give your SEO efforts a much-needed boost. It will make you appear in search results and be known to a larger audience.

  • Gets more job views

    Since videos rank higher in search results, your job posting will automatically garner more applicants. So, not only you attract organic traffic, but you screen candidates more effectively.

How to include video questionnaires in your hiring process?

Now that you know the advantages of video questionnaires, add this effective recruiting tool to your hiring process to make it smarter and convenient. For this, opt for a recruiting software that not only offers video interviewing but also combines the benefits of AI technology and ATS.

Jobsoid is an all-in-one recruiting software that lets you create questionnaires that are job and industry-specific. Moreover, you can create unlimited questions and customize them to suit the job requirements. You can design questionnaires in a format that best matches the job needs.

Additionally, Jobsoid offers a simplified way for candidates to ace video interviews. You can set the preparation time for your candidates to understand the questions before recording the answers. So, while your candidates get ready for the upcoming interviews, you can send them timely reminders -a feature made possible via Jobsoid’s integration with emails and calendar.

Additionally, you can conduct group interviews, facilitate online confirmations and review candidate profiles instantly. Such handy features to quicken lengthy recruiting processes. Make better hiring decisions by switching to video interviewing.

How to switch to video recruiting?

Schedule interviews seamlessly and quicken your recruiting process via video interviewing. Include an online questionnaire to filter the best-fit candidates for the role. Simplify your talent acquisition process by signing up for free with Jobsoid!


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