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What is Video Resume?

Kelly Barcelos on June 7, 2021 in Glossary

What is Video Resume?

Video Resume is a candidate’s resume in the form of a video clip of 1-2 minutes. It is sometimes also referred to as a visume. Video resumes are like an elevator pitch or an add-on to job applications. They help your prospective candidates to market their skills and their capabilities to you and your hiring team. It helps you understand your candidates better as video resumes are often used to talk about something that is not mentioned in the resumes.

A video resume is the best medium to evaluate your candidates at the time of shortlisting. It is as good as video taping interviews except for having interview questions. With the help of video resumes, you can see and hear your applicants. It also helps you understand how your candidates present themselves. Furthermore, it can be also termed a mini remote interview. Video resumes help you learn more about your candidates. They could use the same to talk about their skills, their achievements, their career aspirations, or simply let you know why they are the best fit for your roles. Knowing your candidates, a bit more closely will help you shortlist the best-fit candidates faster.

Always remember that a video resume is not the same as traditional resumes. It will never replace paper resumes at any time in the future.

Video Resume Dos and Donts

Let us now understand how you can shortlist the best-fit candidates for your job roles with the help of video resumes.

  1. Professional approach

    The first and foremost thing that you should observe is whether the candidate has adopted a professional approach to making his/her video resume. Understand whether your candidate has prepared himself for recording the video resume. Writing a script in advance improves the video quality drastically. Secondly, if the video is shot in a good lighting space with a good background, it improves the overall presentability and appearance of the video. Check whether your candidate keeps his video short and brief.

  2. Audience

    Your candidate should tailor his video according to the job role and company he is sending his application for. The candidate should be well aware of his audience. Check whether your candidate has recorded the video, especially for you. Targeting a single employer at a time is a sign that your candidate values you and has put in efforts for customizing his job application.

  3. Video Content

    The video content or the script plays a major role in determining the quality of a video resume. It should be brief, to the point, and should convey a clear message. The video should be no more than 3 minutes in length. The entire focus of the video should be on the candidate’s resume or his skills. Check whether the candidate has mixed his personal and professional life in his video. The video should keep you and your team engaged throughout its length. It should add more value to the job application and help in standing out amidst hundreds of candidate applications from your talent pool. If you’re interested in crafting a video script, explore further insights in our article on how to write a script for video.

Video Resume Script Example

Hi Team! My name is {{Name}}, and I would love to take some time of your busy schedule to tell you how I can help you {{JobRole}}.

I am currently working as a {{CurrentDesignation}} at {{CurrentCompanyName}}. In my last two years at {{CurrentCompanyName}}, I have been the assigned the responsibility of {{Responsibility1}} and {{Responsibility2}}. I have successfully managed to scale our {{Department}} process by 100%. This includes {{Task1}}, {{Task2}}, and {{Task3}}. In addition to this, I have played an active role in designing/developing {{Task4}} and {{Task5}}. I have also contributed equally towards documenting {{Task6}}. My team leads have always praised me for the work I do. They have seen a {{Number}} % increase in the {{OverallTaskName}} ever since I joined this organization.

Finally, I simply love {{JobName}}. {{JobRole}} excites me and I look forward to {{ActivityRelatedToJobRole}}. I’m passionate about my work and can ensure you that you will not regret hiring me. I thank you for your time and look forward to meeting you.


Video resumes can go a long way in simplifying your recruitment process. Ask your candidates to share their video resume at the time of job application and take your recruiting to the next level.

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