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Tips For Writing a Cold Recruitment Email

Paul Bates on March 16, 2020 in HR Management

As a Recruiter or Hiring Manager working hard to fill positions in various companies, you have probably found yourself calling and emailing hundreds of potential candidates in this effort. The recruitment conversion rates are usually put at 10%, which is less than optimal. It does not inspire confidence in email recruitment.

When communicating with candidates, it usually takes a lot of time to plan the candidate emails for communications. A well-crafted cold pitch email can help you reach more candidates, and effectively communicate your intentions as hiring professional. Cold recruitment emails are different from cold pitch emails and cold sales emails.

Writing a Cold Recruitment Email

There are certain tips that one can learn and implement so that the cold recruitment email is essentially irresistible.

#1 – You should use a catchy subject line

The subject line is arguably the most important part of an irresistible recruitment email. When tailored properly, it is this subject line that will immediately grab the candidate’s attention and curiosity. It is how engaging your subject line is that decides whether your target audience opens your email or not.

“There is a possibility that the candidates get a lot of recruitment emails every day. With recruiters seeking their time and attention, having a catchy and unique subject line is very important. Your subject line should be such that it evokes curiosity in the minds of these passive candidates. It makes your email stand out,” says Kendra Grant, HR Director at BeeStudent and Paper-Research.

You should spend time on writing the subject line. Your subject line should be such that it focuses on the recipient. You can probably even using the recipient’s name and personalize your emails or reference something that the recipient cares about.

#2 – You must make your email easy to skim

It is safe to assume that most people do not read all the contents of an email, especially on the first go. Your candidates are always in a hurry.

With a majority of emails being read on mobile devices, there are higher chances that your email might be subjected to all kinds of distractions. In addition to this, a small screen that may not be conducive for reading elaborate texts. Therefore, you should know that your candidates will just skim through your email.

You should tailor your email message in a manner that it is skim-friendly. Do not have a long email with long sentences. If the email is long, for example – more than 200 words, you can highlight the main words and sentences that comprise the important part of your email. It will help you grab the reader’s attention while they skim through the email.

#3 – The beginning and end of your email should have key information

It is a general tendency of the human brain that it remembers the beginning and end of textual content better than the rest. Your key message should be written in these parts with a compelling call to action if you are expecting a good response rate from your candidates. It helps in building trust with the reader.

#4 – You should request the recipient to give you a call

While sending a cold recruitment email, you should be upfront about requesting your recipient to give you a call as opposed to asking for an application or resume.

According to Mathew Simmons, Head of Sales at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters, “If there is a request for the candidate to call then it motivates them to follow through with your recruitment process.”

When you send a cold email to your candidates, always remember that there should be a few touchpoints given to the candidates. These points should be such that it will get them interested in the position that they are being recruited for. Also, asking them to call offers a relief from the monotony of sending resumes and applications. This will make your cold recruitment emailing campaign interesting and irresistible.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips while writing an irresistible cold recruitment email to get the tone and structure of the intended message right. It is the tone and structure of your message which makes your cold recruitment emails efficient. It also gives a positive opinion of the potential employer.

As a recruiter or HR professional, it is very important you understand the target audience of your emails. You ought to then structure the emails in a manner that will catch the reader’s attention and make them interested in what you are offering.

Making an excellent first impression of your company in the cold recruitment email is very important. Invoke a casual and inviting tone as well as give the candidate an incentive to respond to the email. You can follow these tips when writing your cold recruitment email.

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Paul Bates

Paul Bates is a marketing manager at SwiftPapers, where he helps with content marketing strategy and social media channels. He’s also an email marketing strategist at NewEssay and DedicatedWriters.