Declutter Hiring Process

5 Practical Steps to Declutter your Sourcing Process

Kelly Barcelos on June 23, 2017 in Recruitment Strategy

Are you all set for the recruiting season? If you still haven’t cleared the clutter from your recruitment process, then it is high time you undertake some overdue spring cleaning and streamline your sourcing funnel from scratch. As your company evolves so should your hiring practices.Reexamine your entire process from start to finish and refocus on implementing the best practices to build your talent pipeline.

5 simple steps to ensure a steady flow of right talent over time

  1. Identify the Gaps in the Recruitment Process and Redefine your Strategy

    Do you have trouble finding the right candidates? Are your existing employees keeping up with your company’s expectations? These questions are fundamental to running a business and identifying the right tool goes a long way in transforming your company towards sustainable growth.

    Using an applicant tracking system (ATS), one can identify problem areas in real-time and improvise processes immediately. You can also customize questions for a specific role, for any Human Resource executive to use in the absence of senior professionals during the hiring process. You can then standardize and scale your talent acquisition procedures for sustainable organizational success.

  2. Optimize Your Job Descriptions

    Top talent is always busy and most of them already have a good job, so if they have some spare time where they decide to explore some good opportunities on their phone, only a well-written, mobile-optimized job post will evoke an interest and go on to grab their attention.

    When a concise, clear and conversational job description is combined with a mobile-friendly ATS, it becomes super easy to slide your potential candidates into your recruitment funnel. An ATS will help you keep the format easy to follow and facilitate faster loading on any device for maximum conversions.

  3. Use HR Technology to Your Advantage

    Imagine yourself in the shoes of a candidate. Would you not hate it, if a prospective employer evaluated you based on outdated methods and irrelevant questions? Solving this problem is easy – identify the right set of questions about the job role, highlight your company’s vision & ensure that the candidate can fulfill the core responsibilities.

    Integrating HR technology such as a feature-rich ATS like Jobsoid with your recruitment strategy lets you predefine your questionnaire and customize it for different positions.

    This helps you know your prospective employees before they even tell you about themselves and enables you to focus on their strengths, weaknesses and other facets of their personality, which could be used for further questioning during the interview process. Highlighting your company values and articulating it to your prospective employees during the interview process can go a long way in reducing attrition rates.

  4. Tackle Efficiency Issues With Mobile Technology

    Thanks to mobile technology, it is highly unlikely to have missed communication with a prospective candidate in the modern age. So whether it is fixing the interview date and venue for an interview, or retrieving documents from them, mobile-friendly ATS platforms, will save ample time which can be used to conduct background checks, follow-up with their references and fulfill other formalities for informed decision making.

    It also gives your candidates the option to fill the forms on-the-go using their cell phones. An ATS not only showcases your company as a progressive, tech-savvy enterprise but it also makes your job application process quick, efficient, and smooth.

  5. Make the Most of your Recruiters with an ATS

    Sure, buying and maintaining software such as an ATS, may seem like an extra cost that could be expendable, but if you look at the cost-effectiveness and productivity boost it gives over alternative hiring methods such as hiring recruitment agencies, attending job fairs, conducting campus placement programs and publishing job ads, the value offered by a fully-loaded applicant tracking system is unmatched.

Want to make your sourcing process even simpler? Jobsoid makes your hiring process, not only easy, but also cuts your overall cost, saves time & brings you the best candidates. Sign up for a trial and see for yourself!

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.