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Recruitment Strategy

Hiring talented professionals involves implementing some recruitment strategies in order to attract them to your company. These blogs about smart recruitment strategies will certainly help you in boosting your candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing efforts.

What are the challenges you should focus on for Post-COVID-19 for your hiring success and how jobsoid can help you with post pandemic hiring challenges.
Kelly Barcelos on May 7, 2020
Ways recruiters can avoid unconscious employment discrimination while hiring candidates - Being unbiased towards nationality, gender, age, religion, disability, etc.
Kelly Barcelos on October 23, 2019
13 best recruitment campaign ideas from leading brands to inspire you to push the boundaries on your own recruitment process and strategies
Kelly Barcelos on October 14, 2019
Diversity is a game-changing factor for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few ways that might inspire more companies to take the leap of diversifying their offices more
Jacob Wilson on July 5, 2019
Read this step-by-step guide to diversity recruitment and how it might be beneficial for your company.
Kelly Barcelos on June 21, 2019
In the ever-evolving talent landscape, the workforce dynamics are changing, and it has managed to pinch the very pulse of recruitment. Give up on your age-old hiring strategy and follow these techniques to refine your recruiting strategies:
Kelly Barcelos on May 10, 2019
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