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Advantages of Online Recruitment Process

Kelly Barcelos on September 14, 2018 in Recruitment Process

The recruitment process has been completely revamped in the recent past from an administrative process to a strategic candidate sourcing approach. With more and more job-seekers turning to digital platforms and social channels in search of jobs, companies are now digitizing their recruitment process to build their talent pool.

This has triggered a new wave of digital tools that are streamlining and simplifying the recruitment process to fill vacancies faster while significantly reducing the time, effort and money spent on the hiring process.

  1. Helps Cast a Wider Net through ATS Integrated Social Media Recruiting and Saves Hundreds of Work Hours

    While social media plays a crucial role in the modern recruitment process, its massive user base makes the entire hiring process tedious and time-consuming once the applications and employee referrals start flowing in.

    Having an applicant tracking system enables the busy recruiter to tap several social networking sites simultaneously with automated job postings while freeing the recruiter from the hassles of editing openings, screening resumes, emailing shortlisted candidates, tracking multiple sources, and creating recruitment reports.

    Integrating an ATS in the social media recruiting strategy makes it much easier to build a pool of talented players without having to wade through a sea of resumes for shortlisting the right candidates.

  2. Smart Filter Intelligence Frees Up Valuable Time Spent on Manual Resume Screenings

    Recruiters spend most of their productive time reviewing resumes and segregating eligible job applicants but implementing an applicant tracking system can take this process from hours to minutes. An applicant tracking system is fast and accurate at performing all the manual, monotonous tasks, allowing the recruiters to put in all their valuable time towards more important and revenue generating tasks – yielding top candidates who can contribute to business success!

  3. Saves a Lot of Human effort by Automating Manual Recruitment Process Steps

    Applicant tracking system is designed to optimize the recruitment process by automating all the recruitment functions and considerably cutting down the time needed to complete recruitment tasks. With an applicant tracking system, recruiters can stay focused on the interview process, while the ATS takes care of everything – from job posting and resume screening to emailing and interview scheduling. This leads to higher productivity which ultimately translates to greater economic growth.

  4. Accelerates Time to Hire by Reducing the Paperwork

    Talent acquisition software is a huge time-saver that allows quick and easy customization of application forms and candidate engagement emails by giving recruiters complete control over the layout and the fields of the application form.

    Recruiters can rename job titles, add fields, remove fields, modify the existing content, hide sections, add the company’s logo, rearrange fields, add questionnaires, multiple choice questions, a drop-down menu or whatever is needed to make the application process quick easy for job seekers while eliminating piles of paperwork.

    With an ATS, recruiters can also personalize emails for different stages of the recruitment process and send bulk emails to keep potential employees engaged and informed at every stage. Having an Applicant Tracking System cuts out a massive chunk of the time and effort invested in the recruitment process by taking up all the repetitive tasks, giving recruiters the ability to quickly organize data and take informed decisions, thereby accelerating the time taken to fill positions.

  5. Gives Access to Accurate Data in Real-time Resulting in Better Hiring Decisions and Reduced Rehiring Costs

    From tracking recruitment progress to measuring the effectiveness of your social media recruiting efforts to enhance candidate assessment data and generating accurate attrition data, analytics bring a streamlined approach to the recruitment process. These intelligent reports empower recruiters to optimize their recruitment strategies for an efficient and effective recruitment and selection process. Predictive analytics generate actionable insights based on which recruiters can make much better hiring decisions.

  6. Eliminates the Need to Hire a Recruiting Agency and Saves Money on a Continual Basis

    Talent acquisition software gets your entire recruitment team up-to-speed by creating a more comprehensive, customized, and centralized recruitment process. It enables recruiters to meet hiring demands and hit their recruitment goals month after month without needing a recruitment agency.

    With its social media integration capability, mobile responsiveness, resume parsing ability, real-time dashboards, accurate reports, smart filters, and end-to-end visibility into the recruitment process, the hiring managers can accomplish much more in less time and cut down their recruitment costs significantly.

If you want to streamline and speed-up your recruitment and selection process, get started with Jobsoid’s free trial today and transform your traditional hiring process into a talent magnet.

Kelly Barcelos

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.