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Top 8 Benefits of Switching to a Cloud-Based ATS for Recruitment

Kelly Barcelos on July 1, 2016 in Applicant Tracking System

With big names such as Google and Yahoo opting for cloud computing, there is little anyone can doubt about the innovation of smart recruitment tools using the cloud.

As per statistics, technology bags the first position with 53% of all companies using cloud computing, followed by financial services at 40% and legal services at 37%. Moreover, 63% of those who use the cloud have shared their satisfaction with its superior benefits.

What is an ATS Software?

An Applicant Tracking System is used in sourcing and managing applicants throughout different stages of recruitment. Of course, combining traditional ATS benefits with the cloud just makes sense!

What Are The Advantages of Using Cloud Based ATS Software?

Some of the main benefits of cloud based applicant tracking systems include:

  1. Access Anytime, from Anywhere

    In order for small businesses to flourish, they must improvise to not only keep up but stay a step ahead of leading competitors. Often, that requires moving to a new place or working from multiple locations. This can be quite a hassle with legacy systems. However, when the system is available on the cloud, recruitment staff can easily retrieve data from any location with Internet access, on any device.

  2. Integration with Various Sources

    A system integrated with different online job portals, career sites and social media engines allows companies to access a larger talent pool while hiring candidates. Recruiters can utilize their increased links and resources to take advantage of employee referrals in the recruitment process too. Cloud-based recruitment also offers improved efficiency in temporary hiring, for tracking short-term and contractual employees.

  3. Cross-Communication

    Cloud based software is an advanced means of cross-communication, which allows better candidate selection by rapidly sharing information with (and receiving feedback from) different departments of the company in a heartbeat. This helps speed up the overall decision and recruitment process by establishing mutual agreement about short-listing, selecting and screening candidates.

  4. Speedier Screening and Tracking

    With an ATS, recruiters, supervisors and employees have easy access to the employee database needed during interviews. Real-time and regular updating of applications allows cloud based systems to display a clear picture of in-process recruitments too. This easy accessibility also allows minimal use of paper, reducing the manual work of tracking down important data on a specific person or group.

  5. Cost-Effectiveness

    With cloud applications, there is no need for a team of IT experts or on-site servers. Instead, all that is required is a computer or mobile device and a reliable Internet connection for recruiters to access mobile recruiting software round the clock. This technology uses software as a service (SaaS), which helps minimize costs. As you only pay for what you use and need, there are no setup or installation expenses either.

  6. Data Encryption

    Reputable cloud technology application providers use the SaaS Model to ensure data encryption and data security. Data is encrypted to ensure safe and secure transmission through different online portals and websites. Not only is data fully protected from unauthorized access, but also regularly backed up for protection against human error, hardware destruction and vandalism.

  7. Speedy Implementation

    Business success depends on factors like speed, efficiency and effectiveness, which combine to ensure growth and overall running. Experience improved agility with the use of cloud technology, which streamlines recruitment from start to finish. After all, success is less about technology and more about people management, as people are the main asset for any company!

  8. Improved User Experience

    A unique mode of communication with a secure storage database for candidate information, cloud technology is not only easier to use and understand, but also highly customizable to suit each business’s individual needs and processes. With the help of cloud based recruitment software, the overall employer and applicant experience is enhanced at every stage of the hiring process.

Cloud computing is quite an improvement in how companies and individuals carry out their business, no matter its size. Jobsoid’s ATS is especially efficient in terms of helping recruiters find the ideal candidate, with a regularly updated talent pool and real-time database that makes hiring easier and subsequently better. Sign up for a free trial to see how it helps!

Kelly Barcelos

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