Candidate Evaluation Scorecards

Evaluation Scorecards for Best Hiring Decisions

Kelly Barcelos on November 11, 2016 in Recruitment Process

If the information required for decision making is scattered and no evaluation scorecard is used then categorizing and screening the right candidates can be a daunting task. Manual methods can take a lot of time and paper work will be needed to complete it. It is difficult to separate individuals with similar qualifications. Unstructured processes can simply go out of control. Recruitment platforms which provide a structured approach and supports candidate evaluation scorecards can be very helpful.

Candidate evaluation scorecards follow some simple processes. There is a scorecard for every candidate. The interviewees are asked questions and rated on a consistent scale. The interview schedule is displayed on the card. Your team and you both can evaluate the candidate and make the next hiring decision.

What Are The Benefits of Structured Interview Process And Evaluation Scorecards?

  1. Identification of Required Skills

    It is difficult to categorize candidates according to the very best match. Applicant Tracking System will help to create an interview evaluation scorecard to give instant access to scores of candidates for requirements and skills. The system must be easy to use and customizable. You will come to know in a shorter period of time which skills the candidate possess and will be useful for your company.

  2. Convert Interviewing into a Data Driven Process

    Every member of the team must have access to the candidate evaluation scorecards. Verbal and written reports can give any hiring managers and executive who were absent, an idea about the qualities of the candidate. The hiring team will come to know the full potential of a candidate in this way.

  3. Remove Biases with the Evaluation Scorecard

    Biases can sometimes creep into the system. Only some candidates may be highlighted and the rest of them may not due to a bias evaluation. These biases need to be removed to make a fair recruiting system. Biases can be eliminated by using the same hiring standards for all the candidates. The hiring process will be based on merit of the candidate.

  4. Offset Biases in Interview Process

    Is it common for a candidate to be chosen based on his/her interview? Biases can lead to the hiring of a poor candidate sometimes. Using the modern structured evaluation system can remove this bias and only the right candidates will be selected. This will happen when all the areas of the candidate are properly evaluated.

  5. Creating a Record for Objective Hiring Process

    Any part of the hiring process must be free from bias and lack of documentation is completely unacceptable. Structured, well-formed and consistent evaluation processes leave no place for speculation or doubts during the hiring process. With scorecard systems information is always available to support the decisions. The decisions will therefore be the right decisions.

  6. To Highlight Competitive Strengths

    Competitive rather than comparative strengths are highlighted in the new system. Evaluation scorecards bring to light specific skills which are the most important for the position and do not concentrate only on a few specific skills. It can shine light on all the deserving candidates.

  7. Making the Hiring Process More Effective

    As the interview process becomes easier the results are incredible for the overall process of hiring. You can save money which is used on hiring the right candidates and this will help form a budget policy. Interview evaluation scorecards can be easily adjusted for the organization as a means of screening candidates in over a shorter period of time. The overall selection method will be boosted. By correlating your decision to choose the candidate and their actual performance on the job you can get quantitative feedback about your decision.

You must discuss with your colleagues, the outcome of this result in order to have a clearer picture of your decisions. Jobsoid provides a structured hiring process and supports candidate evaluation scorecard can be very helpful for managing the hiring process. Try our 30-day free trial. Allow us at Jobsoid to make your job easier with our software!

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